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Eyinan (a.k.a. l'Gota of Knowledge, The Intellectual, Loremaster, Giver of Books)

Eyinan is the l'Gota of Knowledge on Mir and one of the Aspects of Yeor sent there to seek out the energy source that was later found to be the human soul. Brother to Vybor, Zhizn and Stenok, he was sent with them to Mir.

Soon after the War of Souls broke out between Zhizn and Stenok. It was Vybor and Eyinan who sought to protect Planet of Mir and Humanity from the brutality and near total carnage of the 600 year long war. While Vybor was trying to mediate and bring peace between the l'Gota of Life and Death, it was Eyinan, Right of Knowledge who sought out humanity in their huddle masses of the caves and hiding places across the land to give them the knowledge they needed in order to survive the ordeal.

It is because of Eyinan that humanity was survived in the foothills and plains of the Aleyn mountains and were able to once again spread out from there.

Divine Domains

Knowledge & Liberation of Ignorance

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Eyinan seeks to relieve humanity of its ignorance by offering the ability to learn and advance them socially, economically & in technology. He was the protector of humanity during the War of Souls, and if not for his intervention, they would have surely been lost to Mir and the greater universe forever.

The Gift of Knowledge is the most prolific symbol used to depict Eyinan.
Divine Classification
Aspect of Yeor, One of the Four Rights
Presented Sex

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