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Vybor (a.k.a. l'Gota of Choice, Mediator, The Fox)

Brother to Zhizn, Stenok & Eyinan; Vybor came with them to Mir at the behest of Yeor, the Awakened Creator in search of the energy source that as the human soul. After Eyinan had bestowed intelligence upon the mortals, it was up to Vybor to teach them of consequence, ethics and morality and the choices they would come to face once in possession of great knowledge. He is neither good, nor evil, but merely represents decision making and what follows.

In the War of Souls, it was Vybor who was able to initiate peace talks with the Rights of Life and Death and bring a pause to the fire and death across the Planet of Mir. This bought time for Eyinan to seek out hidden human settlements and give them the ability to survive the dark times and rebuild after. As with Eyinan, Vybor is held in high esteem among mortals and often worshiped in various forms across the land.

Divine Domains

Choice and Morality.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Vybor embodies the choices mortals must face in their every day lives, and the consequences of those actions for better or for worse. He served as as a mediator and facilitator of peace talks and is directly responsible for ending the War of Souls between Zhizn and Stenok.
The Journey of Hazards is the icon related to Vybor, and represents the stops and decisions made throughout life that shape humanity.
Divine Classification
Aspect of Yeor, One of the Four Rights
Presented Sex

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