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Yeor of the Light

The Awakened Creator Yeor (a.k.a. Divine Light)

Divine Domains

He embodies Free Will and Creation itself.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Yeor awoke within a pocket-void of the Smoke of Shadows and quickly became self aware. Upon this moment, he pondered life and then came to him the First Question. In the asking of this question, Yeor begat matter upon the cosmos and filled the gaps within the Smoke of Shadow's.   He began his work, crafting massive celestial bodies and creating life and sentience of his own in perfect harmony with one another. His realm is a utopia of splendor and light, where no harm comes to His Creation.   His Sight was far reaching, and his knowledge great, but even he could not see the consequence of his pondering and the answers that came to him. In the far reaches of the Smoke, Urye the Leviathan began to form of natural processes, and over millennium he formed his own intelligence. His own questions, his own thoughts.   The Leviathan felt Yeor in the far distant, but did not know what the tug was. In an attempt to solve his crisis of life and how he came to be, he attempted creation himself and formed the planet Mir of the remaining matter in the void-pocket and fell asleep from the effort invoked to do so.   A millennia passed and the cosmos was at peace. On the Planet of Mir, biological life began to slowly form, and Humanity was born from the natural processes of evolution. The planet was alive, outside of His Creation, and Yeor felt this. He answered the call soon after.   Yeor created the four l'Gota, aspects of himself, to be sent trough the Smoke and Shadow to search out other pocket-voids and find the source of the new force.   Once they leave His Creation, Yeor continues his work looking after what he had made and tends to his realm within the Divine Light.

The symbol of the Divine Light, typically used by humankind to reference Yeor. It is often seen centered among the four lGota.
Divine Classification
l'Gota of Yeor

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