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Engellic Spirits

The race of beings brought into life by Yeor. The l'Gota, Seraphim and all other beings from the Divine Light belong to this race.

Basic Information


Enggelic beings do not typically take a form that mortals can understand. They exist in an ethereal state, constantly aware of one another and interacting in an instant. They are known to take physical, bipedal forms when interacting with other races like the humans of Mir.

Genetics and Reproduction

All Enggelic beings are brought into being by Yeor, from his Divine Spirit.

Ecology and Habitats

They reside with Yeor in His Creation, a particularly large pocket-void of the Smoke of Shadow's.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Enggelic beings do not require sustenance.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

considerably higher than that of mortal beings

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Stimuli comes to them in an instant, all at once. Being ethereal, they are in constant contact with one another when in the same pocket-void of the Smoke of Shadow's. This leaves them with little concept of personal space or privacy.

Civilization and Culture

Gender Ideals

Engellic beings are genderless.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Four Rights of Yeor are responsible for lifting humanity from the darkness of their minds and uplifting them into the current societal and technological advancements they enjoy on Mir.
Yeor, the Awakened Creator
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Physique


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