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Divine Domains

She governs and over-see's the use of personal belief systems and religions of the world.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Her influence is strongest in the Nation of Thul, as it and it's laws are a direct result of her manipulations. This results in her influence to be felt more narrowly in the world, leaving many other mortals beyond Acre safe from the whispers she spreads.

She seeks to aide mortal souls into an afterlife that is fitting for both who they were, and their own personal beliefs. She often tailored specific scenarios for each deceased person of moral character. This changed after her dealings with Akata and Bor, and soon she had been manipulated and torn down from her former self.

She now resides in solace on the island east of Acre, Stenoks minions and their word having found their resting place. Veera's views of peace and calm turned to rigorous worship practices and intense rituals. Soon, the souls of the deceases were no longer tailored to, but herded to Stenok for use in his ill experimentation's in his home of Ascendant.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Veera was created by the Vybor during the War of Souls in the First Era, as with the other Privelage's in answer to Stenok creating Akata and Bor, the original two Hindrances, and is sister to the late Shayy. Once the war ended and the Second Era began, the Right's raised The Wall and went to live in their own domains away from the rest of mortals, leaving their aspects behind to interact with mortal kind.

Soon Akata and Bor, under the order of Stenok, approached Veera as friend's and managed to gain her trust after some time. It was a manipulation of this trust that lead to her transformation into a Hindrance of Death and lead her to approaching the Nation of Thul in it's infancy and they soon fell under her spell.

She has sense been the patron goddess of the Influence of Yidul and center of worship. She in turn, passes order's occasionally to the Archdeacon Council from her island that lies off the shore of the Region of Acre.

Divine Classification
Hindrance of Belief, Aspect of Vybor
Presented Sex
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