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Divine Domains

Strife, Pain & Suffering

Divine Goals & Aspirations

He often over watches great moments of strife and pain. This has lead to some believing that he influences or causes such events, but he does not. He is a watcher, and ensure's that tragedies eventually come to pass, rather than lingering on for years, an important aspect of maintaining the careful balance required to keep Mir alive after the War of Souls.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Bor is brother to Akata, son of Stenok.

Bor embodies strife and it's effects upon the world, and while feared and fled from, he holds an important role in the shaping of Mir. He is lesser known than his sister and other cousins, and due to this not much information can be found. He typically does not take a physical form or interact with mortals but on rare occasions, rather witnessing and watching events from afar and silently adjusting their momentum & destinations.

It was he along with his brother that initially corrupted Veera to a more hard-lined approach of worship and to be a shepherd of souls, resulting in the formation of the Nation of Thul as we know it.
Divine Classification
Hindrance of Strife, Aspect of Stenok
Presented Sex

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