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Region of Acre



The Region of Acre is bordered by the Northern Aleyn Mountain Range to the east and the Sundering Seas to the West. To the south, you will find The Gap and further beyond that the thick swamp-land of the Zjin'au Territories.


Experiences the four season of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, being known for heavy snow and rainfall in the winter and spring.


Large, rolling hills lead into the Aleyns. Large forest blanket the land with small and medium-sized fields creating pockets of wildflowers and natural sun in between. Closer towards the Sundering Sea's, rivers suddenly drop off into deep underground caverns that seemingly disappear, creating a dangerously open and porous landscape near the coast.


Heavy spring rain and heavy winter snow. Summer and fall are mild and utilized extensively to prepare for the Winter and Spring. Hunting is often used to sustain many families in the cold and rainy seasons along with trading, while summer and fall are largely agricultural.

Natural Resources

The region is home to vast reserves of timber above ground and iron ore below, along with pockets of coal and small diamond deposits. Many animals roam the forest, hillsides, and fields, both alone and in groups.   Many lakes, ponds, creeks, and streams offer fishing and other activities to bring in food and money to local families.


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