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Journey to She'edu

Plot points/Scenes

Backstory & Leadup

  • The Escape of Something New

Main Storyline

  • Chapter 1 - Bliss & the Lonely Bard
  • Chapter 2 - Leaving Bliss
  • Chapter 3 - Swampbound
  • Chapter 4 - Red Fields
  • Chapter 5 - Interception
  • Chapter 6 - Split Up
  • Chapter 7 - The Defense
  • Chapter 8 - Pathfinder
  • Chapter 9 - Swampbound Pt 2
  • Chapter 10 - The Republic of Seva
  • Chapter 11 - Swamp Found
  • Chapter 12 - She'edu
  • Chapter 13 - Finalizer


Key themes of Mir, and by associate the Grateful Six include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Religious Persecution & Freedom
  • The tangibility of human souls
  • Shadows, and what they represent to the people of Mir.
  • War & Conflict
  • Allies & Friendship



The Greatful Six leaving the Thul Nation to establish She'edu is the central conflict. The Seva-Thul Border Conflict is set in the background and intermingles with the story.


Thul arrives at She'edu, ready to take it and slaughter everyone inside.




  • Beauregard Woodrake
  • Zjin'au Coastal Tribes
  • Zjin'au Inlanders
  • Republic of Seva
  • Adversaries



    Multiple battled in the south of the Region of Acre. Internal struggle among the The Grateful Six founding members. Twitch and Bean suffer personal disputes and a falling out.

    Past Events

    Beam and Twitch escape slavery. Zhizn takes the form of Hobbes. Wee is cursed with immortality by Stenok.

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