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Beauregard Woodrake

Beauregard Clyde Livingston (a.k.a. Ol' Beau)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Just entering the late stages of his life, his large belly, balding head and hard demeanor is evidence of a hardy upbringing and a life of long labor.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Opened the The Lonely Bard Inn in 3E467 after moving to the City of Bliss from the Village of Oxbow after a blight ruined a years worth of crops and he fell upon hard times.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He is a well-known barkeep in Bliss, and has been the proprietor of the Lonely Bard since it's opening, establishing a reputation for himself in the city as one of the long-time business owners.

Failures & Embarrassments

Losing an entire years of crops to blight in Oxbow prior to his moving to Bliss.

Intellectual Characteristics

Country raised as a farm hand, he only learned the trade of the service industry upon his arrival at Bliss from working at a small bar to keep himself fed.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

Chronic smoker and alcoholic.

Personality Quirks

A loud, deafening laugh when rarely amused.


While the Lonely Bard is kept clean enough and well lit, Ol' Beau is often seen wearing the same clothes for multiple days on end, his aprons bearing the stains from past meals cooked for his tenants.
Presented Sex
dark brown, piercing
225 lbs

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