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The Lonely Bard Inn


A small, wood and stone structure, with a small porch running nearly the length of the building.


The Lonely Bard Inn was established by Beauregard Woodrake in 3E467. It soon became a popular spot for people looking to stay out of the public eye or just find room and board on a budget.

In 3E474, Wee and five other patrons of the inn met and discussed their futures around a small, circular table in the corner. This was the formation of The Grateful Six, and the beginning of their quest for freedom.
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Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
9 Jan, 2018 17:50

Oh man, I keep on going from parent to parent location and I reached the universe! Amazing structure for your world. Only for this you feature is well deserved. Also very nice short description for the inn. Are you going to be doing a map of the city of Bliss?

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Gerrit Dodd
10 Jan, 2018 17:36

Thank you for the feature. Was a nice surprise to wake up to this morning! And yes, each city will eventually have it's own map, and I believe Bliss has a small Inkarnate rendition made up currently as a placeholder until I make something more final!