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Located in the Region of Acre , this old city is a main settlement of the Nation of Thul . Unique in being run by both the Barons of Iron and the Influence of Yidul, the city lies on the outskirts of Thul territory and thus, on the fringes of its laws as well. The clergy are still considered to be the final voice in all decision and decree made, but the Barons hold particular sway over the city, being the masters of trade in Thul and located on the edge of The Gap, maintaining the nearby outposts holding the point of entry from outside invaders and policing what comes into the nation. This leaves the Barons with a particular sway over the clergy and allows Bliss to thrive as a city of outlaws, and often times harbor the refugees of Thul brutality.


Large walls surround the city as it sits partially embedded into the mountainside. The walls are adorned with watchtowers, balistas, catapults and more defensive weaponry. Tar traps and spikes also line the walls to deter frontal assault.


Harsh, but rewarding environment. Often calm and still. Limestone crevices and cliffs poke from the hillsides from time to time that lead to the Aleyn Mountains, evidence of the once violent remnants of the War of Souls that took place before. The city is located at the base of a ridgeline, overlooking the vast open space of The Gap and the network of bastions and military encampments built to protect the border.


  • Map of Bliss
    A WIP map of the city of Bliss located in the Nation of Thul at the bottom of the Northern Aleyn Mountain range.
    version 3
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