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Seva-Thul Border Conflict

The Conflict


In the months before the Republic of Seva invaded The Gap and the Nation of Thul, they had met with the other nations of Innerheart and held a secret council.

The Nation of Thul had become a powerhouse in the international geopolitical landscape, and the world had come to rely on them too much for their plentiful iron reserves. Thul knew this and began raising their prices, ensuring their enemies would be under matched for Thul's future plans. It was the Tu Empire that put forward the idea of seizing control of the Gap for an Innerheart nation that were part of the Innerheart Pact.

It was then decided that the Republic of Seva would undertake this act of aggression, maintain the allusion that they are acting solely on their own accord, while being secretly funded by the Tu Empire in an effort to protect stability should the campaign fail.


The Republic of Seva conscripted and deployed an estimated total of 9,000 troops to The Gap. The Nation of Thul was able to answer with an immediate 3,000 unit strong standing force already located in the region for the purpose of defense, and was soon bolstered by another 1,500 from Bliss and other nearby military encampments while word was sent back for more supplies and equipment.

After Thul was defeated in the initial opening skirmishes, they were pushed back to Bliss where a group estimated to be 2,300 set up a defense in the city. They were soon pursued and the city came under siege by a standing force of 6,100.



Open fields covered in golden, tall grass pocked with small trees and wooded areas. Typically sunny and bright, in the growing seasons.

The Engagement

In the opening battle it was the Nation of Thul with a force of 4,500 against Republic of Seva's 9,000. The first skirmish was short-lived, and ended with a Thul retreat of 2,300 back to Bliss pursued by Seva's remaining 6,100 strong army.

The ensuing siege of Bliss lasted a total of 2 years.

Inevitably, the main cities of Thul took action and sent a relief force into The Gap to rescue Bliss and it's defenders. At this point Sevan forces had been bolstered back to their original number of 9,000, and had began to spread into the southern regions of the Region of Acre, maintaining a standing force of 5,000 at Bliss. It was the well trained Thulee force of 6,500 that rescued Bliss and began to run missions clearing out the remainder of the Sevan army, taking prisoners and pushing the rest into retreat back through the Aleyn Mountains, with the final large scale battle taking place at Red Fields near Bliss. Shortly after a ceasefire was signed shortly after.


Uneasy ceasfire between the Nation of Thul and Republic of Seva. Bliss is pushed into an economic slump after the siege.


Thul weakness is exposed to the rest of the world. Heavy Thul sanctions and trade agreements are lessened and eased up upon as the rest of the nations push to renegotiate their contracts.
Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
3E458 (Uneasy Ceasefire)
Conflict Result
The Gap and Bliss are succesfully defended by the Nation of Thul.



Ability to adapt to enemy armaments and utilize advanced tactics to overwhelm and panic opposing forces. What they lack in numbers they make up for in training and experience, with many of their soldiers being veteran warriors.
Numbers. While they are an inexperienced force made up of conscripts, what they lack in experience they make up for in numbers. Sevan strategy typically entails using overwhelming force to confront the enemy head on.




To maintain the defense of The Gap and the city of Bliss, along with the southern border zone between the Region of Acre and Zjin'au Territory from the Republic of Seva aggression into the region. In doing so they will maintain the control of contact to the lower swampland and maintain military supremacy through stiff trade agreements.
To capture The Gap and gain a foothold into the Region of Acre and Nation of Thul territory while opening up the swamp for new trade routes from Innerheart. Either capture or destruction of Bliss is considered acceptable by the military officers in charge. Campaign funded by the Tu Empire under an agreement of the other Innerheart sovereigns.


  • Seva-Thul Conflict Map

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