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The Gap

The Gap is a large area of land located in the expanse between the Northern and Southern Aleyn mountains. It comprises the edge of the territory controlled by the Nation of Thul, and is home to Red Fields, the site of an infamous battle between the Republic of Seva and Nation of Thul during the Seva-Thul Border Conflict.

During the Seva-Thul Border Conflict, the Republic of Seva was looking to expand their territory into the Gap and the Threat of Mercy, leading to the two regions being hotly contested by the two powers for a number of years. It was during this time of occupation that The Grateful Six attempted to cross the military-zone, but were stopped and set back by the battles and hardships associated with war.

It is an area that nearly all traffic passing either in or out of the Nation of Thul and Region of Acre must take in order to reach their destinations. This has turned the small area of Insennis into a hotbed of trade activity and commerce, with traders and salesmen from across the Planet of Mir coming here to trade wares and seek their fortunes.
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