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The largest continent known found on Mir. The largest human populations and most sophisticated technology and societies are found here. Its landscape is a wasteland renewed after the War of Souls and still bears the scars of the many battles over the 600 years it was waged. The mountains raised as walls to defend the Engellic Spirits and their forces, craters and lakes created from the destruction and losses of great battles. It has since regrown and repaired itself, with most of the landscape smoothing over with time, allowing Humanity to repopulate and flourish with the spirits raising mountains to the west known as the Wall and entered seclusion beyond them.


Region of Acre

The Region of Acre is located east of the Northern Aleyn Mountain Range. it is home to the Nation of Thul and Estati People. A small region, it boasts a large reserve of resources such as timber, iron and other raw materials gathered from the forests among the hills and valleys of the mountains.

The Gap

This area of Acre is hotly contested between both Thul and the Republic of Seva. It is here where the city of Bliss is located and also the site of Red Fields, and infamous battle site in the Seva-Thul Border Conflict

Zjin'au Territory

Zjin'au Territory lies to the south of the Region of Acre and east of the Southern Aleyn Mountain Range. It is mostly a thick swamp fraught with danger and home to three distinct tribes who live relatively connected lives and sdhare cultural origins. The Grateful Six ended their journey and founded She'edu here.

The Wastes

The Wastes is located south of Zjin'au Territory, and is the final battleground of the War of Souls between Zhizn and Stenok . The scar of which can still be seen in the Great Gash. The landscape is a barren wasteland and nothing natural lives or grows here on its own will. Few people have ventured into the area and even fewer return, leading to myths and rumors of it being unnavigable become prevalent among the land.

Northern Shelf

The Northern Shelf is a desolate landscape guard by a large, a near vertical 200-foot cliff. Many have attempted to climb, traverse or find ways around this insurmountable rockface, but all have failed. It is unknown what lies beyond it.


Innerheart is the largest, most expansive territory on Mir and encompasses many smaller regions, such as The Grasslands . It is located between the North & Southern Aleyn and Wall mountains, extending south to the edge of the Pits of Mir and the Wastes.

The Grasslands

This is the subregion of Innerheart that the Republic of Seva occupies, and while it's named after the Grasslands that dominate most of its landscape, it is not without its own variances such as forest and hills. Well known for the food it provides Seva and other neighboring nations, it has become the wealthiest province of Seva.

Worlds Mirror

Worlds Mirror is the large, centrally located lake that acts as the terminal point of all major rivers of Innerheart before they flee to the ocean. Each great nation of Innerheart has a city located on its shores, with a large monastery on a man-made island in the center of the lake used for negotiations and meetings between the nations. Ownership of the island itself passes ownership between each sovereign every 5 years in an effort to maintain peace and promote goodwill among the nations. The Nation of Thul is notably left out from this pact, being too far from the location and uninterested in the affairs of the council that takes place on the island.

Pits of Mir

The Pits of Mir of mere are the site of an ancient battle between Stenok and Shayy. It is where Stenok used the blade Anuin to pierce Shayy's heart and lay him to rest at the bottom of the crate in the center of the landscape.

Lower Isles

Found below the Pits of Mir, the Lower Isles is an archipelago made up of the remnants of the southern portion of the pre-War of Souls continent, Insennis. They are secluded are require great knowledge to travel to. The islands are inhabited by a group of indigenous tribes who are extremely hostile to any outsiders and remain unable to be communicated with.

Right's Fold

This region is located beyond the Wall and is inaccessible to mortal men. It is an archipelago located to the northwest of the continent. It is said that Vybor resides here.

Great Forests

Another area beyond mortal kinds reach, the Great Forests are located beyond the Wall and is where Eyinan is rumored to have settled after the War of Souls.

Handle of Yeor

The Handle is an unreachable and unexplored region beyond the Wall. Zhizn, patron of Life itself is said to have settled here after fighting the War of Souls with Stenok.

Ascended Isle

Ascended Isle is the domain of Stenok and his aspects, Akata and Bor. His home is a large tower located in the center of the small island named Ascendant.


  • Map of Insennis
    • Green - Nation of Thul
    • Red - Zjin'au Territory & Tribes
    • Blue - Servian Republic
    • White - Tu Empire
    • Black - Miscellaneous
Location under
Related Ethnicities
Sovereign States

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