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Indigenous people of the The Region of Acre.


Culture and cultural heritage

The Estati people are a hardy race of humans that pride themselves of their abilities to survive in the harsh lands of the region. They do not waste their time, which is more prevalent when around outsiders who's penchant for relaxation often conflicts with Estati nature.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

They worship the earth, seeing the tree's, grasses, animals and all of life as it's gifts. The beliefs and traditions of the Estati people are largely outlawed by the Nation of Thul, with many of their texts being burnt or otherwise destroyed long ago.   They culture has sense moved into an oral one, with legends, tales and information wildly conflicting from family to family because of the little contact between people's of this culture for fear of being captured by the Nation of Thul.

Major organizations

The Estati People are the indigenous people local to the Region of Acre. They had no formal organizations outside of loose tribes before the arrival of the Nation of Thul, and and not allowed to hold such power by the current rulers of the region.
Encompassed species

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