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The sword Anuin was forged by Stenok in his realm of Ascendant; using the souls of those being shepherded to him from Veera and her Nation of Thul. It is one of the few truly successful attempts at such a fusion of blade and spirit, and hence was highly sought after and quickly became one of the greatest blades of legend.

Wee is now the current owner of the ancient blade. He had managed to steal it from Stenok himself, but not with out consequence. Stenok captured Wee, and tortured him within inches of his life numerous times over a period of years. He was punished absolutely for his crimes, but his due date fast approached. Upon his release from Ascendant and Stenok's grasp, he was given Anuin and along with it a curse...
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Owning Organization
3 lbs

Current & Previous Owners

•Stenok (Creator)
•Wee (Current wielder)

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