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The Grasslands

The oldest and original home of the Republic of Seva, initially discovered by the humans who exited the safety of the nearby Aleyn Mountains to Mir regrown. They quickly settled in the Grasslands under the protection of Eyinan and soon developed their own culture and society.

The capital city of the Republic of Seva, Novi can be found centered in the the Grasslands.


This large series of grassy planes is known as the backbone of the agricultural revolution on Mir. First and foremost in new technology and techniques for harvesting large amounts of crops, they keep their secrets close to the chest and often use them to leverage other nations into favors. This region not only supplies the population of the Republic of Seva, but also helps supplement the rest of Innerheart's food supplies as well.

Natural Resources

Many of the natural resources found and used in the Grasslands are fields of grain, herds of livestock and other farmed goods such as various vegetables and tobacco. There are also non-edible resources grown in this region, while to a much lesser extent. They include tree farms, fields of cotton and hemp and more.
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