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It is lead by the Grateful Six, who took the form of a council, with Wee taking up Lead Councilor role, having power to veto decisions under rare circumstances, once they came to their journey's end and founded the small settlement.


Every member of the settlement is taught and trained in basic self defense along with military tactics to better enable themselves against potential invaders and retribution from the Nation of Thul. Typically the skills learned are used more against the local predators of the swamp than it is humankind.

Industry & Trade

The local Zjin'au Tribes come to the settlement to trade not only goods, but knowledge. She'edu offers a unique opportunity for the tribes to learn of the northern nation and there ways.


It has a small fence of angle, sharpened spears with small wood and thatch watchtowers to allow for a better angle in scanning the thick forested swamp. Many of the homes are built in the typical Zjin'au style, the village having been taught by the local tribes how to survive in the region.


Wood and thatch dwellings make up the majority of the village, with community structures being more typically built out of stone or upgraded to it over time.


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