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Pits of Mir

The resting site for Shayy after his fateful battle with Stenok towards the end of the War of Souls. It is the site where Anuin is first known to have appeared, initially being wielded by Stenok, trading hands to Shayy later on during the fight.

The region is a barren wasteland pock-marked with large craters, ponds, lakes and large boulders, all resulting from the now ancient war. In the center of the largest crater stands a single obsidian pillar in honor of Shayy, the only Seraphim to perish. It's location near the Pilgrim's Point has led to the Pits becoming a stopping point for many on their pilgrimages to the holy tower.

The Pits of Mir are currently under the ownership and protection of the Zhao Khanate, a nation recognizing the historical significance of the site.
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
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