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Eourlund Mistfel

Barron Eourland Mistfel

Eourland Mistfel was born in the city of Origin located in the Nation of Thul to an up-and-coming family of mine owners. Starting with humble origins, the trajedy of his fathers death helped to transform a young Eourlund into a leader of the iron & weapons industry in Thul and one of it's wealthiest individuals. He is best known for founding the city of Bliss and as a consequence coming to control the Gap for the nation of Thul, an important location for trade and travel.
Eourland's influence is still felt far and wide today. The Mistfel family is known to play a large role in Origin politics and still maintains much of the wealth gained by their ancestor of fame. However, his founding of Bliss is by far the most far reaching action of his. The securing of The Gap by his expedition, it is said that he initiated the sequence of events that lead to the Seva-Thul Border Conflict and subsequently the Republic of Seva occupation of the southern portion of the Region of Acre.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

1. Early Life

Eourlund was born and raised in the heart of Thul territory, the city of Origin, to an upper class family poised for a rise to power. Much of his early childhood is relatively unknown, as few records exist, however it is known that he studied under his father in the ways of conducting business. It is believed this influence early in his life is what lead to his ambitions as a resource barron. He was close to his father as a child, and with his passing Eourlund was propelled into the iron industry seemingly overnight...

3. Founding Bliss

In an effort to sate his appetite and lust for something new and exciting apart from his day to day life amidst Thul law, he set out to found his own settlement far from the main settlements of the nation, but close enough to still reap the benefits of it. He journeyed for over a year before his group came to the bottom of the Northern Aleyns, and settled at the mouth of the Gap. It wasn't long before his wealth turned the settlement into a fortified city. Bliss became a hub of all movement both into and out of the Region of Acre and Zjin'au Territory. The city became a hub of seedy entertainment and illegal games and gambling and the Influence of Yidul slowly lost it's power. Crime soon became rampant and unchecked.

2. Rise in the Iron Industry

With the passing of Eourlunds father, he was named heir to the estate and immediately came to power over his fathers fledgling mining operations in the foothills of the Northern Aleyn mountains. Eourlund was quick to streamline their operations and moved closer to the mines as well. He quickly managed to come into ownership of a foundry which allowed him entry into another link in the chain of industry and no longer had to pay expensive costs to third parties. From here he began to ship and manage his own trade caravans, completing the circle. His wealth skyrocketed and he was left bored, aching for excitement and adventure.

4. Assassination

In the 27th year of the Third Era, Eourlund had begun to show his age and live in seclusion of his estate, away from the rest of his city. As the crime rate grew, the gangs became more and more organized and hungered for power through territory. Eourlund, becoming ever more paranoid in his age, began ruling with harsher and harsher punishments. The gangs decided to act before things got worse for them. The major organizations held a meeting, lead by the El'dor, the premier criminal organization in the area. They had managed to get a man inside the estate after many attempts, and once they were in, it was a matter of simple timing to effectively poison the aged ruler. He passed shortly after that final, fateful meal and the El'dor seized control of the city the next morning.


He was well educated, with his teachings starting early in life. His mother oversaw much of his early education, and ensured that he was tutored by the best professors Origin and Thul had to offer. In his teenage years he spent much time in the church university, focusing his studies on business, industry and economic theory.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Eourlund was able to achieve much more than the average Thul citizen. After his father died early his life, he assumed control of his familial iron mines and propelled their small operation into a nation-wide industry. He was in his 40's when he set out on his great expedition and founded the city of Bliss, a major settlement still today.

Morality & Philosophy

He is said to have been hard on his employees, constantly pushing them for faster, more efficient work. He was near obsessive in his quest or efficiency, and this lead to him being ostracized early in life from his school teachings. Being cast as an outsider early in life only helped to solidify his beliefs that he could only count on himself in life.

Wealth & Financial state

Eourlund is a leader in the iron industry, owning a large portion of the market. The majority of his operations are involved in the processing of raw ore and material into a more usable form such as ingots to be used by blacksmiths or in construction, but are most certainly not limited to those. With weaponry and armor also being a large focus in Thul's upper society and military, he began to expand into forging instruments of war as well. His weapon and armor crafting operations pale in comparison however to his iron-works.
He only increased his families standing in his life and their wealth along with it. Much of his family still holds onto the wealth he managed to build in his life and remains at the top tier of the social ladder in Thul's society.

Eourlund Mistfel just before his assassination in 3E027.
It is better to have a sword and not need it than it is to need a sword and not have it.
— Eourlund Mistfel
The herald of the Nation of Thul
A map of the city of Bliss
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Barron, Founder of Bliss
1963 AG 2027 AG 64 years old
Current Residence
Died in Bliss
Dark Brown, piercing
black, shoulder-length & weathered
225 lbs
Aligned Organization

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12 Mar, 2018 04:38

Great job describing your character's economic influences and choices! I found him to be believable with Ford-like accomplishments. I was curious, does his iron foundry/business cater to one kind of manufactured product or several?

Gerrit Dodd
12 Mar, 2018 23:40

He focuses a lot on just processing the raw material into usable ingots that are then distributed to varying industries. That being said, making weapons is a BIG deal in the Nation of Thul, and makes up a large part of their exports, so he owns a few larger blacksmithy's as well.

Gerrit Dodd
12 Mar, 2018 23:42

I should probably think about including an 'assets' section now thanks to your question, so I appreciate the help with furthering the article, friend!

13 Mar, 2018 06:12

Awesome! I had a feeling weapons would be heavily involved. Glad to be of service. ^_^

16 Mar, 2018 16:13

A fantastic article that really nails home an image of a rockefeller type fellow. I am curious if his legacy meant anything in the end however, it sounds like he did a lot in life but I am curious if his death had any lasting legacy on the people.

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Gerrit Dodd
16 Mar, 2018 23:36

His death created the opening that the El'dor criminal gang needed to seize control of Bliss, which in turn resulted in the cities current standing hundreds of years later. The gang still controls many parts of the city and owns many of it's politicians and government officials. Given Bliss' reputation as a seedy, dirty and lawless city on a disputed border has actually harmed his families reputation, despite not being his intentions to create such a place.   The settling of Bliss also gave control of the Gap to Thul and solidifying their power in world trade. Thul weapons are found throughout the continent now and the Seva-Thul Border Conflict was also fought over this region for control of trade in and out of the east.

17 Mar, 2018 03:01

As I read this character, I can not help but picture Rockefeller, Morgan, Ford, and other men of industry. I love how you show the rise to power as a gradual one, while also giving an insightful look into the nation he was part of. Good work!

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Gerrit Dodd
17 Mar, 2018 03:53

Thank you for your kind words!

17 Mar, 2018 08:53

first off: Your CSS is beautiful. The article is really well written. I really liked how you used the rows for the sections of his life, it made it flow really well to the eye.   Small suggestion if I may : A quote or something from him might help to instill more of the man's personality. It speaks a lot about his life, deeds, achievements but it is a tad difficult to get a feel of what he was like as a person.

Gerrit Dodd
17 Mar, 2018 14:51

Ohhhh, I'll definitely be adding that! It'll even out the sidebar with the main article as well! Thanks for the suggestion and your kind words!

17 Mar, 2018 10:34

Fantastic layout makes this article very enjoyable to read - nice touch with the spotify track, I had it on in the background whilst reading and it created a very good atmosphere & really added to the history. Good use of timeline and lovely to see a character portrait & heraldry displayed in the sidebar.

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Gerrit Dodd
17 Mar, 2018 14:52

I have waited a long, long time to be able to add music to my articles!