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It is the seat of government in the Nation of Thul, and is thus the most heavily policed of it's territories. All rules and laws passed by the Archdeacon Council are strictly adhered to and enforced by the military here.


The bulk of the Thul military forces are located in Origin. The city has large walls that surround it's perimeter from beach-end to beach-end. On the outside of this wall, you can find various military camps and defense, often running drills, recruit new members, and maintain their instruments of war.


First settled by the islanders from across the sundering sea, Origin is aptly named. It is the first settlement of what became the Nation of Thul and the Thu'l Nation peoples. They had many clashes with the local Estati People, indigenous to the area that the settlers soon named Acre.

Second Era

  • The men from across the Sundering Seas come to land at the Point of Origin and soon establish a wood fort named Origin.
  • The Seraphim Veera comes to Origin in its infancy disguised as Yidul and manipulates the men through their fears, instructing them to create a great empire in her honor, and bestows upon them holy texts to be used as instructions on how to do so.
  • In the mid-Second Era the Nation of Thul has begone to rapidly spread and encompass the Region of Acre; establishing a theocracy


Large, stone monolithic structures make up the bulk of the governmental and administrative architecture, built in the early days to last. Many of the outlying buildings surrounding these are wooden structures or a mix of wood and clay and is often replaced.


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