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Naming Traditions

Masculine names

Garin, Wee, San, Hobbes

Family names



Average technological level

Many covered wagons. Weapons consists of shields and swords and leather armor along with siege tactics and advance military drills. They are capable iron workers and have the ability to craft large, stone structures.

Common Dress code

Commoners typically wear clothes made of hide or burlap pieced together with various stitching and threads, while Clergy wear lavish, red and yellow robes adorned with jewelry and trinkets. The very small middle-class wears typical garments one would expect. Boots and pants, with a over shirt and sturdy coat.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Typically the dead are cremated upon a funeral pyre as the family watches in mourning until the flames die, at which point the ashes are gathered and scattered in various areas. It is not unheard of to also have burials. The Clery often are encased in large tombs, adorned with their precious treasures and trinkets they carried with them when they were alive.

Common Taboos

Tattoos are not permitted by the church, and therefore considered unlawful. Prisoner’s and slaves are branded upon capture/sentencing, as a mark of warning to other people of the Nation, and to further segregate and control the populace. Drugs and narcotics other than beer are also banned.

Common Myths and Legends

The Legend of Garin

Historical figures

Yidul, Garin Harford


Beauty Ideals

The church, while lavish itself in its style and it’s clergy’s dress, self-expression is expressly repressed by propaganda. Hence, attractiveness is often based off of clothing due to everyone’s similar appearance dictated by the Church, clothing is becoming one of the few ways to set oneself apart.

Courtship Ideals

Marriage rites performed by Church after approval of marriage application, often times they are denied if the pairing is not seen as adding anything to the nation or the church. 1 man, 1 wife. Marriage is for life.
Encompassed species

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