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Oxbow is located upriver, north of the City of Origin. It is the leading producer of iron and iron products in the Nation of Thul, and is also the location of their largest labor & internment camp, reserved for dissenters, enemy captives, political adversaries & diplomats, criminals and more. It is where both Twitch and Bean escaped from in 3E474.


It is ruled by the local clergy and Thul law is strictly enforced at this location. Punishment is swift and often harsh, with Oxbow often being referred to as the "land of the examples".


Due to it's proximity to Origin and importance to the Thul economy, it has a larger than average military occupancy in an effort to maintain order and protect it from those who seek it's riches.   It is surrounded by a wooden wall, which is itself marked every so often with watchtowers and battlements.

Industry & Trade

Iron is the main export of the village, with food being it's main import.


There is a small region where the clergy live that is built in typical, lavish Influence of Yidul style, while the rest of the village is a muddy cesspool with poor faculties most commoners of other cities and villages have in the region.


  • Map of Oxbow
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