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Silt is a large village established early in the Zjin'au Coastal Tribes history. Since it's establishment, it has always been a peculiarity, even as far as Zjin'au settlements and lifestyles go. The settlement is a stilt village, located about a mile off of the coast. The people who live here manage to get by by fishing the sea and diving beneath their homes to harvest various materials and resources from the sea floor. This has lead them to developing some technology not seen else where in the world to better help them adapt to their environment.


Zjin'au Coastal Tribes


Silt is lead by a typical, three person council lead by elders of the village voted in by the population at large. It is up to them to handle matters of importance such as when fishing/harvesting seasons begin & end, passing judgement to criminals found guilty of crimes, interacting with the outside world and other basic political and diplomatic duties.


The village itself is surrounded by a network of towers made of durable saplings obtained from trade with the Zjin'au Inlander's, tied together with vine standing close to 20 feet tall from sea level. Attached to these is a wench and pulley system that allows the villages to raise a large, small holed net from the sea floor to the top of the towers from within the safety of their village. This is their first defense against attackers as the wet net is hard to catch fire and there is little chance to cut it before being dealt with by Silt's warriors.

Industry & Trade


Silt imports a lot of building materials along with herbs and plants that have medicinal values associated with them. Wood and timber is also a large import in order to keep up with the need to construct new homes as the village grows.


The village major exports include pearls, coral formations, fish, salt and more. Their ability to harvest salt from the sea water has brought them much wealth as traders have noticed the abundance of the valuable substance in the village, often times making dangerous journey's to Silt in order to obtain the commodity.


The use of small row boats is the typical mode of transportation. Most of the major platforms and homes of the village have ladders and stairs running down to sea level and even their own docks at times.


Wood and thatch structures make up the majority of structures found in Silt. It is light weight and flexible enough to withstand storms that come in from the sea while also being cheap and easily replaced when necessary.
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