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Describe the predominant species of the location.
214 in total

The articles

Sea Lamprey

The Dogs (and Cats) of Amin-Ur

The Disrespectful Children

Races of Heimland: Common People/Commoners

Nocturnal Humans

The Givers

People of Michaní

Homo Sapiens Sapiens

The people in the cold

Nirando's population


The Residents and the Poors

The Awakened


The Uncanny Ones

Describe the creature(s) who are hiding amongst the inhabitants.

Humans by Any Other Name

the villegers

A Colony of Outcasts

Frontiersmen in Edge Creek

Citizens of Chamber


Rosea Testudines

The Katanari (Submission Article #3)

Humans (Cryptids long hidden)

The Phantoms of Old Irumi

Homo sapiens

The Tormarine

color sprites


Mankind (Human)

Humans, but not quite.

Cliff Elves (Ellif)


Humanity (as it is)

Not applicable for humans


The Mazani

Humans - Line of Darrius

The inhabitants of the moon


Creatures of the Kingdom of the Summer Court

Humanity, Dead and Alive

Flathead Gobs

Those humans called ''Empty Shell's''

People of The Havenwood

Kusharites (Non-Magi Humans)

Predominant Species (TF)

Pelopas: The Humanoid Inhabitants- Humans

Heliodians or Helionites

People of Suonselkä


Menschen (Tale Foundry)

Earthling Dragons

The Myconids

Humans of Popol Vuh

The Treigthians

Undearth Species

Cloud Folk

Morai (Men/Humans)

Simulated Humans and The Sainō

The Leaf Ones

Kasanai (Salthan)

Stone Golems

The Spirit Folk

Humans, and more

Flying Raicans

Humans of the Famin

The Surface Dwellers



LaFin humans


The folk of Gorgotha

Deserta's Dungeon Depths

Cursed by interplanar planets, Humanity clings.

Kypo's / Lesser Tokyps