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Created by SnailCreature
Legends tell of an ancient race known as humans. They once covered this world. Until it fell into disrepair, that is. We came here and found their ruins. Never underestimate the importance of ruins, young one. They teach us how not to make them.
- Taurus Coleman, Historian   Aurelians have inhabited the world of Eonan for long enough to forget their world of origin. Did they arrive through a wormhole? A bridge between realities? Or was it a rudementary space craft? None of them remember. What they do know, however, is that this world is a gift, and that they must honour its previous inhabitants.

Basic Information


Aurelians are very similar to humans: Bipedal, with two arms and a brain-baring head, all attached to a central torso which houses their major organs. Their limbs are a little longer than a human's, their heads a little thinner, and their eyes more ovular than almond-shaped. Each aurelian has three fingers and a thumb on each hand, but five toes on each foot.   This species has two genders, male and female, with similar differences between them as biologically male and female humans.

Genetics and Reproduction

Similar to humans, two individuals of opposite sex are required for biological reproduction within the aurelian species. It takes roughly 8 months for an aurelian embryo to fully develop within its mother and be born.

Growth Rate & Stages

It takes 30 years for an aurelian to fully develop into adult status. During that time, they grow as a human would. A new born aurelian has slightly different morphology to an adult, with proportionally shorter limbs and a more spherical head. This slowly changes as they get older.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Aurelians have an unnatural sense of how useful something will be, similar to a human's 'gut feeling' but much stronger. They have minor preminatory abilities, allowing them to have a vague sense of danger in the near future, up to seven days.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Following the boom of human research, it became popular for aurelian children to be given human names. Although traditional aurelian names can still be heard and found, it is equally common to here human names amongst the populus.


Long ago, aurelians lived on another planet. They don't know where it is, nor do they know how long they have inhabited Eonan since leaving there. They have no records or ruins of any method of travel, nor any tales of their home world. But this doesn't worry any of them, as they like Eonan very much.   Aurelians steadily spread over the planet's surface, making use of most of the environments and adapting what they found to their purposes: Ruins of a forgotten civilisation. These ruins piqued their interest, and research into this species began. For centuries, humans have been retroactively studied and their history learned, in an attempt not to repeat their mistakes. It became trendy for aurelians to have "human collections", personal museums of human artefacts.   However, the spread of aurelians and the rediscovery of humans acts as a shield for a much darker and forgotten past. No aurelian knows or is taught this, but they were the downfall of humankind. The aurelians came to Eonan and fought with the human race for supremacy with no care for them whatsoever. Humans were wiped out and forgotten, as per an agreement by all members of the invading force, who are now long dead. The lie was made that the world was barren of any dominant species.
150 years
Average Height
6' 7" - 7' 1"
Average Weight
80 - 85kg
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Aurelian skin colouration tends to range from grey to lilac, and even deeper shades of purple.

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