A race of clones named Jill. She's just your ordinary everyday hive mind. Friendly enough, somewhat sociable, and completely average. It's like she literally exists to be a self-insert
The Future is Now is a cheesy sci-fi setting set in a nonsense universe where humans were exterminated without a trace eons ago and are long forgotten. The only remnants of humanity is that it's culture survived in a universe full of humanaboos.

Explanation: Begin with two standard Sentients. Then, take the average, normalize it, take the result, and feed it back into the original function. Continue the process ad infinitum. Jill is the result of this function of endless mediocrity.
Silic Engineer when asked to describe Jill
Jill's origin is a mystery, no one knows why Jill exists or where she came from, prompting many sleepless nights due to various existential crisis's. She tries to gets along with all Sentients in the universe, or at the very least acquaintances.   Most Sentients put up with Jill because she's helpful although she isn't too ambitious, found doing nearly every mundane ordinary job in the universe. There's really nothing special about her, she's just there, she's just your average everyday Jill.


I loved my dearest. How then to face the day when I leave them? So I gave away the memory of when we first met, perhaps so they could love me again.
— A dying Jill's last word
A Gathering is a giant bundle of fleshy nerve bundles that allows Jill to share memories with herself.   In the presence of a Gathering, instead of sleeping, Jill enters an unconscious meditative state and her mind can upload memories to a Gathering and she can access her own memories.   It works similar to surfing the Extranet, each Jill chooses what kind of memories see wishes to share or access based on their personal preferences. Additionally, Jill can only experience these memories in real time. Many believe this limitation is the reason why Jill is an individual despite being part of a vast hive-mind.   The Gathering can also form a new fully-grown adult Jill by dislodging some flesh, losing some memories in the process. This creates a new Jill containing the memories lost from the Gathering.   A new Jill is often formed in order to replace a dead one, Jill does this so that her romantic partner doesn't notice her death. A sign that your original Jill has died is that she doesn't remember things since her last Gathering. Unfortunately, this is an unreliable method as Jill is quite forgetful.

Culture and Society

Some Sentients can't believe in themselves until someone else believes in them first.
Barkanoid Therapist
Jill makes up roughly 25% of the universe's Sentient population. Despite those numbers Jill just kind of blends in like an unassuming social mimic.


Jill is a strong independent hive-mind clone race. However, each Jill likes to think of herself as a unique individual and despises being reminded of her hive-mind nature. She also unintentionally finds new and innovative ways to be completely mundane.  


Jill's a busy gal, between her job, friends, and possible partner(s), she doesn't have time for politics and just checks in with herself before making a bit decision. In Jill's case you could describe it as a pure democracy.

Social Structure

Jill is somewhat sociable, able to form at least a small group of friends in her workplaces, unfortunately in a social setting she doesn't get along with someone that reminds her of herselfincluding Jill and will avoid them at all costs. Although at the end of the day when she checks in with herself, she managed to get along with herself well.  


Regardless of Jill's occupation, she is always on plasmablade's edge financially. She has enough money to pay for rent and a daily Spacebucks but not enough to buy the fancy space dress she wanted, you know, the one with real usable space pockets.


  • Never refer to Jill in plural or compare her to another Jill.
  • Follows local taboos.
  • Tries to hide the fact she uses her nails to pick the food in her teeth out in public.


No organized military. Jill doesn't like confrontation and will avoid it. If she can't avoid it then she relies on her partner(s) to defend her since Jill's space kung fu is rusty.  

Common Customs

  • Downloaded too many apps and annoyed at the update notifications but never deletes them because she might need them one day.
  • Gets the same drink at Spacebucks every day.
  • Sniffs worn t-shirt to see if she can wear it again.
  • Stays up too late at night surfing the Extranet.
  • Wakes up tired and promises to go to sleep sooner but never does.

Personality Traits

I'm pretty sure Janice is only nice to me so she can get closer to Jel'vizi'goth of Naroo 27. Even know she totally knows I have a crush on Jel'vizi'goth of Naroo 27!
— Jill
  • Jill is socially inept, it makes her somewhat paranoid.
  • Jill often finds herself in awkward social situations and never learns to deal with it well despite having decades of life experience.

Extraordinary Traits

It's not your powers that make you normal, it's what you choose to not do with them.
— Jill's partner
Jill is known for being average and completely normal, some conspiracy theorists say supernaturally so. She has various ordinary traits that enforce the fact she's just your run of the mill Sentient.

Just your average Jill

All known Sentient races treat Jill with the upmost normalcy, most Sentients exchange casual formalities and rarely anything more, this leads to Jill being waived away, ignored, or even forgotten, except when she's doing something embarrassing.  

Normal Detection

Jill can intuit when something is not normal since she is the definition of normal. This is limited by own natural senses.

Mundane Aura

Jill can suppress most Extraordinary traits of other races through unknown means, the ability is only limited by sight but takes several hours to fully suppress and slowly returns within several weeks.

Healing Transference

Jill can heal injuries but will receive a lesser form of that injury. The range of this ability is 300 space feet.

Life Drain

Jill can become healthy by draining the life of a target by digging her nails into a creature. This trait is vestigial and is rarely used.  

Blending In

While she concentrates Jill can become invisible by clouding the mind of everyone who observes her.

Empathetic Intuition

Jill is a very good listener and is able to precisely understand the emotional state of another Sentient she's in a conversation with, although she always second guesses herself.

Linguistical Expertise

Not only can Jill count to 10 in nearly all languages, she can also learn the basics of a language quickly albeit spoken very poorly.

Bane of Thermostats

Jill's presence tends to interfere with nearby temperature sensors, causing mild temperature fluctuations, which generally cause her to complain about the room ambiance.


Human with odd colour skin and black eyes.  


Completely normal.  


Isn't it weird how they look, sound, and act the same yet we always know which Jill we're talking about? No, just me then.
— Weirdo on the Extranet
  • Low Libido, Jill really isn't in it for the sex, but she'll try to keep her partner sexually happy; unless she's really tired.
  • Parthenogenesis. Jill is an all-female race that can reproduce with nearly any Sentient, although the resulting child is always Jill. Additionally, Jill herself doesn't carry the child, she instead physically transfers her partner's DNA to a Gathering, where it will form a new Jill that looks identical to other Jill but carries slight physical and mental traits and abilities from her parent.


Keep your expectations low, and you'll never be disappointed.
— Jill's Partner
  81 years on average.   Jill does not physically age instead before reaching 100 space years she has an increasing desire to return to a Gathering and transfer all memories to it, terminating her consciousness. A Jill unable to do so near the end of her life simply dies of brain hemorrhaging.


5 " 5 inches


145 lb

Ideal Environment

  • 40% humidity
  • 65-75 space Fahrenheit during day, 60-67 space Fahrenheit at night
  • 2 bedroom apartment. Nothing too extravagant or dingy


  • MarsBucks Coffee
  • Bottled Mineral water
  • Power smoothies
  • Kale
  • Sandwiches


The following information is confidential. Under protection of the Culturate, illegal access may result in the destruction of your immediate kin and their race/home-planet.
Verify Culturate Clearance
Culturate Philosophers believe Jill evolved from humanoid similar to "vampire" found in popular media. Jill nowadays rarely use these vampire abilities or even not at all, likely due to the oddity of these abilities.   It's likely before Jill developed a hive mind, Jill in the past used these abilities to stalk prey from the shadows for several weeks to weaken them before draining them.

Cover image: The Future Is Now. by Allistar Sparks


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I understand how the lights could be distracting but this is the aesthetic I've chosen for my article's theme because I have received positive reception from it.

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"The future when everything looks like an light sabers " -Cool Cat P.S. in rest your content is pretty good

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This is a really interesting concept! I love the humour spread throughout the article and the detail you've included about her traits and abilities. How many Jills are there in the universe?

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Thanks! I'm glad to hear the humour is being recognized amidst the details.   I should definitely add that detail to the article. It's an extremely vast, almost infinite, universe and on average Jill makes up roughly 25% of a planet's population, considering there are countless galaxies with at least a quadrillion Sentients. It's quite a large number.

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It's always fun to read whatever fresh madness you are serving up in the Future Is Now, and this is more awesomeness. Really funny, breezy reading that made it easy to get through.   I do have a couple of questions!   How much is known about Jill? About the Gathering, the fact that she's a clone hivemind race?  

Additionally, Jill herself doesn't carry the child, she instead physically transfers her partner's DNA to a Gathering, where it will form a new Jill that carry the traits of both parents.
  I was under the impression that all Jills look and kind of act the same(ish), so what traits is it that the child might have? Do they come in variants, or do some actually look different?   There's also a bit of inconsistency in how her social skills is presented: while she's frequently referred to as being fairly sociable, but then called out as socially inept and paranoid under Personality Traits. While I can sort of relate to that (too close to home!), maybe clarifying it might help? :)   All in all, awesome freakin' work as always, Sevens.

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Thanks! Glad to hear you like the writing. As of now i'm still steadfast on the theme.   Well to answer your question, Jill just dies normally upon death. Nothing exciting, just like Jill.

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I love the implication that the Jill might once have been a grand predatory hivemind or colonial superpredator but has perhaps accidentally overnormalized itself or learned that developing boring traits lead to better survival than violent ones.   How do Jill set themselves apart from eachother, in terms of style and behavior? Can they differentiate eachother as clear as day? If they avoid eachother is there a ratio of Jill to not Jill which has to be enforced by a workspace?

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Yup that's pretty much what happened, everyone has space pistols so they evolved normal traits and social anxiety while the violent ones died.

Everyone just knows which Jill they're talking about and it's never going to be explained. In universe there's no confusion and they'd look at you funny if you said the clone hivemind race looked similar to each other.
The only exception is when Jill decides to take the place of a dead Jill.

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