The Future is Now

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It was the year 2020, aliens made first contact with Earth. Humanity did not take the encounter well as nearly 700 million humans were exterminated in minutes. As a charred carbon scent filled the atmosphere, total extinction was achieved in less than one planetary revolution.

The aliens plundered Earth afterwards, discovering only one valuable asset, the human's information network, known as The Internet; downloaded in its entirety to discover what the planet had to offer. Upon reviewing the data, the aliens became so enamored with The Internet that they replaced their own culture with the Human's, becoming the Culturate as we know it. The Culturate plagiarized Human culture as their own and shared their spoils with the universe's sentient races; And they loved it, were changed by it, then a renaissance took place, and ushered countless millenniums of cultural enlightenment.

Few know the truth behind the Culturate's history, the universe believes they're just former gunheads turned entertainment savants; for the Culturate won't allow anyone know they've committed such a war crime, and even worse, that they've plagiarized.

But this duplicity is beyond petty attribution and pride. The Culturate has explored every aspect of the The Internet, creating innumerable forms of entertainment from it. But these spectacles aren't merely for enjoyment, everything on The Internet; every world, story, and sentence is worshipped by entire planets and races who have modified themselves to embody their idols. It is a way of life, an illusion preserved. As an entrusted Culturate historian, it's time to delve into the future. As a human seer once said, "All of this has happened before, and it will happen again."

And they're right after all, the future is now.
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