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Golden Veil

The Future is Now is a sci-fi memepunk setting where humanity's eradicator plagiarized the internet, claimed humanity's only remnants as their own, and created a universe full of humanaboos. Let's see what legacy the humans have left behind shall we?
A race of space commandos known for their stealth capable Johnathan Unseena power suits  
    We don't have any elaborate uniforms; I come to the field in a suit, a pair of boots and my will.
— Johnathan Seena
  The sky echoed with a thunderous arrival of dropships breaking through the membranes of the atmosphere and careening down towards the hell-blasted landscapes. Over the loudspeakers music blared, confusing and incoherent to alien ears.   But the song was not for them. It was those in the ships. It was for the thousands of identical beings screaming, beating their chests and helmet to amp themselves up for what lie ahead.   Over the speakers of the ship their commander spoke. His speech moving, heartfelt, raw.   "AND OUR NAME IS..." He cried at the end of his speech.   As the chorus cried out, voices tearing across the field as they landed as one, and began scattering from the drop-pod.   "JOOOOOOON SEENA"  


I don't play a hero. It's just an extension of me.
— Jonathan Seena
The Golden Veil follow simple principles of honor, founded in loyalty, respect, and honest work.


  Live fast, fight hard, no regrets!
— Jan Seena
Golden Veils are one of the greatest combatants in the universe, known for their nonlethal unarmed fighting style in addition to their invincible stealth powersuits, and military grade speaker systems.   One of the Unseen's greatest assets is their stealth capable Johnathan Unseena powersuits which is known for it's nigh invincible durability and agile movements. In addition it hosts an advanced array of countersensors and mimetic plating which makes the user completely invisible from detection until it's show time.   Stealth is used for an Unseen to get within vocal range, where then they announce themselves by deploying multiple military grade projector speaker drones from their powersuit to distract. Promptly afterwards their national theme and their name is played to announce their presence. If the assailants do not surrender then all combatants are quickly taken down a close quarters signature move aptly named, the Attitude Adjustment.   While the powersuits are quick on the battlefield, long distance personnel carriers are required for large scale engagements. This comes in the form of simply decelerating from their mobile space fortresses, made in the image of the original Unseen. Thanks to the powersuit's and Unseen's durability they are able to survive atmospheric re-entry of any composition. This tactic is widely known as an orbital Batista Bombing.   While these military tactics are simple to understand due to the Unseen's sheer capabilities there are no known countermeasures.

Extraordinary Traits

I've seen some shit, but it can't see me
— Joan Unseena

The Illusion Between

The Unseen do not appear in reflective surfaces or analog visual recordings methods.

Illusory Projections

Able to alter and create full-sensory illusions of an environment it finds more aesthetically pleasing than reality augmented by projector speaker drones. This ability may afflict others in close proximity.

Extraordinary Toughness

Their natural skin is a combination titanium carbide plated meshweave and is nigh invulnerable at a macro scale. As a result, they're never seen in the ICU

Heightened Mind-Machine Interface

The Unseen can imbue inert objects with energy and cause them to move around on their own, used to augment the capabilities of the projector speaker drones.

Culture and Society

This is my life, this is my passion, this is all I got.
— Gian Seena
  They often take on roles as mediators to armed conflicts where diplomacy has failed. Due to their nomadic nature and sparse population the Golden Veil rarely interact with each other, often only getting involved to end armed conflicts and prevent loss of sentient life.

Common Sayings

  • To succeed, I have to believe every night, in my heart, that I am the best.
  • If you don't learn from your mistakes, then they become regrets
  • There are moments in life where it gets so hectic that time becomes a blur. Keep calm and never give up


Virtue has a veil, vice a mask
— Jon Unseena
    Compromising Beliefs, no outcome is worth the cost of integrity in an Unseen's eye

Social Structure

Many Unseen live in a mobile space commune of roughly 1000 Unseen. The commune is self governing, following a strict doctrine and code of honor to aid those who are in need at first chance. Communes are sparse and rarely interact with each other except to participate in ending large scale wars.


The Unseen operate purely by charitable donations from former interactions. Lacking any means of exports or goods, they rely on performing their deeds for free and expanding slowly to prevent the risk of greed. By virtue of their legendary status they are often offered free fuel, docking areas, and other necessities in most of the universe.

Table of Contents

  1. Ideology
  2. Military
  3. Extraordinary Traits
  4. Culture and Society
    1. Common Customs
    2. Taboo
    3. Social Structure
    4. Economy


The Unseen resemble an athletically built green skinned humanoid covered head to toe in a powersuit.


Due to their nigh invincibility, there's been no record of what an Unseen looks like underneath their powersuit.  


Interviews with several Unseen suggests their ancestors were a subterranean species, leading to a fear of heights. Conquering these fears through an orbital bautista bombings is a common rite of passage.   Additional Observations seem to suggest Unseen have insomnia and may work beyond their natural capabilities, leading to minor mental instability as seen through unusually pleasant projections of reality that may be a sign of overcompensation for their stress.  


No known non-combat deaths nor autopsies have been recorded. Assumed biologically immortal.


6"0 ft.


234-251 lbs

Ideal Environment

Able to survive in a vacuum, heat up to 3,034 Space Fahrenheit


Unknown   Verify Culturate Clearance
The Unseen are in reality, thousands of earthworm-like organizations interlocking their nervous systems and muscles to form one sentient entity. The individual worms are hardy, able to survive nearly every puncture, slash, impact, shockwave, radiation, etc. Nothing short of atomization will kill an Unseen.   Also their commune's interior is simply a mess.

Cover image: The Future Is Now. by Allistar Sparks


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