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Member Since: 24 Aug, 2018

Read the bible for details about me

Interests & Hobbies

I like to watch JJBA and work on "Strange West "

Favorite Movies

The Shining, V for vendetta Kizumonogatari,Coco,Vampire kiss, Pull Fiction

Favorite TV Series

Jojo bizarre adventure ,Monogatari series

Favorite Books

The mountain of madness

Favorite Writers

H.P. Lovecraft,Nision Isin, One, Ion Creangă

Favorite Games

Enter the gungeon,Rayman legends

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7 Sep, 2018 14:06

Hello there lad. I would personally thank you for commenting and giving out helpful suggestions to expand upon my world. Because of this you have a choice on what would the next article would be.

7 Sep, 2018 19:05

I really like to think about implications of an world and it's rules, in general I do this to tv show/movies that I am a fan of .I want you to make an article on the birds from your world, I like birds!

21 Nov, 2018 16:54

Hello, i say your reply on my article angel and appreciate your feedback. However I accidentally deleted your comment when I was going to reply to it, I am deeply sorry and would make up to it by making you decide the next article in the near future.

22 Nov, 2018 08:06

No problem, can you make an creature that is the size of an planet?

4 Dec, 2018 12:55

Hey mate, I made a new world called World Reviews. I'm going to start my first review and I choose your world Strange West. I will be harsh but I will give constructive feedback and methods of improvement. Is it ok with you if I can review your world?

5 Dec, 2018 12:23

I don't stop you, be as harsh as you want!

8 Dec, 2018 11:20

Ok giving you an update on the review, currently, I've gotten over 2,700 words of notes. I would like to ask a question. In your story "Milk Run" what is the basic story? and what are its themes?

8 Dec, 2018 13:58

În the milk the character Isac (aka the Legendary Balaur )come back to life and he try to become again the perfect Life Form, the main character are Rim and master Leji, they try to stop Isac .the theme is justice because they will find in the journey other characters that want to stop Isac for "Justice " and ones "Justice "isn't everyone "justice"

8 Dec, 2018 14:35

What genre is the this story going to be? A comedy or a more series action.

8 Dec, 2018 17:33

Will be Adventure-action with some comedy at occasions,also I forget to mention that it will be episodic

19 Feb, 2019 10:23

The review is finally done after months. I didn't read every article you made nor the resent ones but I think this review can still give you insight.

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