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The core of demographics is human-like creatures, that are howerver a little bit more variation in genetics. Common traits include white, silver, purpple and green colored hair, as well as blonde, brown and black hairs. Gingers exist but are rare and mostly found in immigrants from lands located further North. The height and weight are tose of an average human as is their intelligence.

Basic Information


Human-like anatomy and morphology

Genetics and Reproduction

Human-like, thought a little bit more loose.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

All around the globe.

Average Intelligence

There are beings more intelligent than others. Overall they are a intelligent species that desenvolve tools and strategies for war and complex forms of government.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Some humans are born with better habilities, permiting them to become grat soldiers and thinkers.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Each Kingdom has its noble and royal families, and the capital is not an exception. However, there are families who hold major natural resources and monopolies that influence directly in the way Eloria works. Furthermore there is the Secret Policy, who is a military unity that responds directly and only to the King and the High Council and the religious Poecy, that holds major inlfuence.

Beauty Ideals

Strong and thin people are considered the bauty ideals in the capital and closer regions. Wealth is more valorized in the coast. In the west the beauty is valued uppon strenght.

Gender Ideals

Varies greatly, but in the capital women are expected to be intelligent enpught to run a house and men are expected to be strong and to impose themselves and protect their family and honor.

Courtship Ideals

Amongst the nobles the man or woman is expected to deliver a flower to the intended partner, signaling his/her intentions. If responded with a gift or a letter a meeting can be arranjed, the silence is considered indelicate, but a no can be responded by delivering a fruit. It is expected that the famillies know and aprove before the meeting can proceed.

Relationship Ideals

The women is expected to have authority within the house and take care of the major aspects of the personnal life of the couple, the man is expected to take care of their public life instead, and is usually the authority outside their home.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

In Eloria there are three main languages and several dialects. The west language (Viridja) is spoken in the grasslands, the coastal language (Xmèri) is spoken in the eastern plains an hills and the southern languages (Xhahrat) are spoken by the people who live by the southern chain of mountains. The lingua-franca is based on the coastal language and is considered a sinmplified dialect of this language, being spoken by the aristocrats and nobles to comunicate along all the extension of Eloria.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

The Kings in the western grasslands usually can be overthrown in disputes by someone who wins in a fight. The title of king is usually given to the one who is judged to be more prepared, stronger or more intelligent amongst some candidates, who compete to death for the crown. In the east the title is usually given to the first child of the old king, independent of the gender, however if this new king or queen is unable to generate a heir, the tittle is given to the closest sibling.


The origin of the humans is not known yet, but they spread arround the Known Wolrd like a plague. The tools permited them to domesticated animals and dominate agriculture. Eloria is composed of mostly caucasian humans that settled in the tempered forests next to the river basins of the region. To the west the people were mostly nomads that took long to settle and only started to create their kingdoms much later if compared to the coastal regions, with societies based in mineration and trade.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens
Mostly caucasian
50 years
Conservation Status
Dominant species in Eloria
Average Height
1.5 - 2.1 metters
Average Weight
60 - 90 kg

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