Blessed by Apac and Sabes

Humans are undeniably the most spread out and culturally most versitale race of all. You can find clan-like structures in the cold northern El-Ethien , wandering nomads in the southern deserts of Thiem, reclusive tribes in the Dschungels of Eni-Rathras, seafaring nations on the islands of Bren, glorious kingdoms in Baradolia and Sevelang or awesome nations such as Keandra and Rhomedan.
Humans are not naturally inclined to specific strengths by default but instead are quickly able to adapt, improvise or, well, cheat the circumstances. They give off the impression of restlessness and haste to most other races. They do value tradition but want to strive to new possibilities and change their outlook constantly, a way of life not shared by the Orcs. They are creative and crafty but seem to neither favor perfection nor eficiency, infuriating both the aesthetic senses of elves and the practical needs of dwarves.
This does not mean, however, that there are no masters of their fields within the humans. They are a surprise package - you can never know what to expect of them and they might thoroughly underwhelm your expectations, only to take you completely off guard with something unexpected.

Human Issues in the Current Age

Magic and Technology

Humans have always been average in their usage of magic. Unlike other races, they never showed a specific affinity for a certain area of magic but were jacks-of-all-trades, trying to understand and unify the concepts of magic as much as using it. They also display this approach towards understanding technology. This currently leads to a surprising mixture of magical based technology and the development exciting new ways of production and industry.

Culture, Change and Prejudice

Human's adaptive nature leads to developement of very different cultures and traditions. Similar to elves, they have a strong perception of their culture being the superior one. As such they tend to be wary and sometimes hostile towards change brought on by newcomers. In the current age of rapid change, this leads to rising tensions between established and newer factions.

Deplacement of Religion

They have been the most pious of all the races up until recently - even waging war in the name of their gods. With the rise of technology however the humans are starting to struggle in defining the place for their fate and traditions in the changing society.

Opportunity and Migration

Humans are opportunists and will follow the call of treasure, adventue and fame eagerly. With the shifting needs in ressources throughout the world, many expeditions and migrations happen towards the new "Resource Rush" (like the current Cobalt Rush)of the day.