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The Givers

Document written by: All of the head documenters   Order to obtain the document: [Decay]   Content: This document will go through these mysterious creatures/phenomena. Those who share the file to any without permission shall face execution.
  A species with little to no information on them. The other empires only have a few recorded sightings of these creatures. Not much is known about them, except they have access to untold power and knowledge about the universe.

Basic Information


Anatomy and morphology of the creature are unknown. It is proven that the Givers make their own anatomy and morphology. We speculate from documented conversations with these creatures that they use to look humanoid. Details on what exactly they use to look like are vague and unreliable. Descriptions range from they are once as tall as mountains but slim and sickly. While other descriptions describe the creatures as common height (6 feet tall) with skin as dark as the night.   We know what a few Givers look like from documented sightings with details that match their descriptions. However, we only have detailed descriptions of two of the Givers.   The Mad God of Change: A skinny pale humanoid creature with extremely long appendages. Most noticeably the arms are twice as long as the body large, with round hands with black pointy fingers. Its facial features seem to be void of details but for two eyes who are recorded to always be wide open, never blinking and staring right back at them.   V: A towering creature wearing a dark cloth that covers its whole body and only part of the head. The fabric of that cloth is woven with thousands of different types of threads and materials that seem to be moving like worms. Its head is a long beak with colourful strange markings, its eyes are hollow and empty. Some say if you look close enough to the eyes you could see a galaxy.

Biological Traits

The species seem to never age, nor is there possibility that they can die. We do know that these creatures are able to change their weight, height, anatomy, etc.

Genetics and Reproduction

There is no evidence that there are any females or members of the species that can make the species reproduce. We do know that there are only six of them left in the universe and refuse to create more of their own kind.

Ecology and Habitats

It is known that they can survive any environment, even the vacuum of space or inside stars. We have no clue how they can survive such environments. So we are only left to speculate and theorise how they can do this.

Additional Information

Social Structure

By our reports, they seem to never socialise with the members of their species. They never explain why they choose this.

Average Intelligence

Their intelligence is unthinkable and their knowledge near limitless. The Givers seem to know the laws of the universe very well that they will call our current understanding of the universe. "Not even a percentage of what it is, nor is it correct." Indicating that our understanding of the universe isn't even correct, and it's only a small part of a bigger picture.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

These creatures seem to have near limitless powers, changing the rules of physics and creating anything out of nothing. It is unsure how they would've done this. Some speculate it's because they have a powerful connection to the realm of the dead. Other speculations are they are the realm of the dead and the creator of magic. However, documented accounts with the creatures describe their source of power to be from the black rose. What that is is unclear as they refuse to give a definite answer, or they will point to the sky explaining that it is what we call "dead stars".

Civilization and Culture


They go to random individuals for a "chat" of some sort. They either would talk to the individual about the universe itself and what it means, or to something more trivial like war. The reason why they would chat with these individuals is unclear.   We do have a vague understanding of their history and what they are. However, their stories are often vague, condescend with one another, or just create more confusion. We only have their history from three of these creatures.   The Mad God of Change: Their use to be a world with only one island. The only island with life and where the moon touches its surface. The islanders were truly alone in that world, so some of them called themselves the men of water and later decided to leave the island to find if there are more islands. However, they only found the Black Rose, anomalies that consumes light and any materials that dears get close to it. They later found a way to harvest the rose to gain its powers. But on the island the men of ice, their hearts are cold and uncaring, leading other islanders to their deaths if they don't follow the rules. But when the men of water found the rose the men of ice believe that the power of the rose should go to them, but the men of water gave everyone the power of the rose. Then a war happened that lasted for seven days, almost killed all of the islanders but ten. These men would destroy the island and their world, and later create a new world with millions of islands.   V: There used to be a solar system with only one star, and a planet. It was the only system in the universe with a healthy star and planet. Outside of the were only Black Roses, one day we harvested them and gain powers. The KDS fear that this power shouldn't be accessed to everyone, thinking that it will create chaos and destruction. So they impose that the power should only be used for machinery then the individual. But the SSSL got greedy and mad with their powers, gave everyone the power of gods. A war broke out that nearly killed everyone, but ten of us from different factions survived. Then we decided to destroy the universe and make a new one.   Mitaphar: A time before this, there was one planet with a dying sun. Before that, there was other planets and stars. There was even a mighty star empire before that, and before that was more star empires, but a war broke out and only one came out on top. Then the universe starts dying that only our star survived. Fearing that we might be alone in the universe, we left our home to find other stars. But came out unlucky and only found millions of Black Roses. The government and their lapdogs the KDS discovered that they can be harvested and give them powers. But the SSSL beat them to it and started to test their abilities. There was twenty of them and for entertainment, they gave everyone a taste of their powers. Then the twenty men went to war against their own people that lasted for seven days. Some of them figured out that you can harvest the powers of the rose from the dead to become more powerful. So a few grew in power that at the end of the war they killed the other ten. Four of us, fearing we would go do them ran away and hid, we later found them and promptly killed them. We later destroyed our world and built a new one. One where we are the ones in charge.

Historical Figures

We have a list of the Givers that have been documented. We can confirm that there are only five of them left in the universe according to V. These Givers are:  

  • The Mad God of Change: A mad god that helped the other Givers creating life. But believing that these life forms would create stagnation, he created insanity and illnesses.
  • V: A Giver that helped the creation of the universe, but is unknown what he does and specialise.
  • Unknown: Nothing is known about this Giver, we are told he is the one that was once ahead of the men of water. But we also got documentation that he is more sinister than the other Givers by reports from V.
  • Mitaphar: A Giver fascinated how his subjects are so willing to kill one another just to spread an ideology. We got hints that he could have a part with the conflict, but V stated that he more watches then takes part in it.
  • Darikutapha: Not much is known about him, V states that he was the one who is the father of life. While The Mad God of Change states that he is against the creation of life. Descriptions of who he is are unclear and constantly change from other recorded sightings and conversations.

Scientific Name
Average Height
2 to 70 feet tall
Average Weight
1 kilogram to 900 megatons

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