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The Great Conflict

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DATE OF BLACK BOX: 16-Feb-2235   INFORMATION TYPE: Black Box   PURPOSE: In case of the destruction of the United Galaxy, her people, and the galaxy itself. A small team will document everything and anything about the United Galaxy and the other empires. Those who threaten or destroy these documents will face execution by the [redacted].   CLASS: Each file will have a class that only certain a certain group of individuals can view. Those who read these documents without the right pass or permission by her highness will be executed. These files will be broken down into executive orders.   Order Green: Civilians of the United Galaxy have permission to look through these documents.   Order Domino: Military officers and politicians below planetary government have permission to look through these documents.   Order Black Iron: Only certain military officials and planetary governors have permission to look through these documents.   Order Bunker Buster: Only High Generals, Members of the council, and sector governors have permission to look through these documents.   Order Decay: Individuals that permission by her highness to look through these documents.   Order Empire: Documents that only her highness can look through.   AUTHORS:   Edward Oder: Head documenter of societies, cultures, and politics   J’val Qinivar: Head documenter of warfare   Allison Nedder: Head documenter of science, technology, and biology   Y’hav Kam: Head documenter of History   Damran Poliva: Leader of the propaganda order   Kevin Handerson: Head documenter of the Hive and philosophy   Da Livie: Head documenter of magic and phenomenons   CURRENT DATE: 25-Jun-2897   STATE OF EMPIRE: Unknown   YOUR AUTHORISATION ORDER: Decay

Table of Contents


  • Map of The empires of the Milky Way Galaxy 2235.

    (This map will be updated soon. With names of each planet, war fleets, and battles took place.)   The galaxy is under darkness by these empires. These empires will do things we cannot begin to imagine. The good, and the bad. To protect, or to genocide. No matter who you choose to be apart off. You are just a pawn, and during this conflict, there can only be one left.