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Elijah T

Elijah Talbot | Member Since 21 Aug, 2018
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I wanted to create worlds with plenty of details and reasons behind them.

Favorite Movies

1984, Children of men, Lord of the rings trilogy, Jurassic Park, Interstellar, Star Wars.

Favorite TV Series

Breaking Bad, Walking Dead (seasons 1-4), SW the Clone Wars, Invader Zim,

Favorite Books

Art of war, Metro 2033, Mein Kampf, Animal Farm, making of young hitler, 12 rules for life.

Favorite Writers

Tolkien, Lovecraft

Favorite Games

Fallout 2, Fallout NV, Deus ex 1, System Shock 2, Bioshock, Warhammer 40k space marine, Metro 2033, Total war shogun 2, Dawn Of War 1, Pathologic