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Rabbits Of The Twilight Realms

Humans have mostly conquered their own Plane and the Twenty-Four Planes of The Twilight Realm. Having cities all over. Very few places don't have a human settlement.

Basic Information


Humans are well, Humans. We have two legs and arms, a single head, and a torso. We're able to stand upright due to our strange S-shaped spines.

Ecology and Habitats

Humans can pretty much live in any environment as long as it has breathable air and won't instantly kill us. Sometimes Humans can live without one of those. Such as in The Vox Ponds.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Humans can really eat a long list of things but there is an even larger list of things we can't eat. But what Humans eat depends on their place origin. Bread is quite common all over the Empire.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Magic for some is like art or something to be studied. Other then that just normal human stuff, like our flabby ears and two eyes.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Depends on the place of birth.

Major Organizations

The Empire, The Blackbiars, The Magister Guild


Humans were created by Everlin as a sort of passion project, though these "Humans" were made out of mud and twigs. Only after Aloruth unleashed the Flesh Plague upon the Twilight Realms did the modern Humans form.   Everlin eventually got bored of Earth after the Illithian War was concluded. Which left the Humans mostly alone since they had been used has slaves for the Illithids though being creations of Everlin. This left Humans in a state of Chaos and for the next hundred years, it would stay that way. Till civilizations began to form, Such as the Hana Empire and Aldoshi Dominion. These ancient civilizations would rule for 500 years before been toppled by the Founder of The Empire and her/his generals. A thousand years later brings us to the modern day, where the undead forces of Skrall and Dragonic Concord threaten to tear down the Empire, lead by a babbling idiot of a Empress.   They have overtime conquered and built cities in all over the Twilight Realms, though the recent war with the Elves has denied them the right to colonize El'Ron.
Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens
Molesians(Caucasian), Hana People(Polynesian), Nekas(Roman/Italian)
70 Years
Average Height
5.3 - 6.0
Average Weight
190 - 250
Average Length
153 m

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