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The Twilight Realms

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The Twilight Realms is a world chalk full of adventure! A place of endless danger as well, even in the Material Plane which the Empire resides, a Lich controls a vast syndicate of the undead, various other lichs vow their lives to this half-god Lich, his name, Skrall. While the Draconic Concord also plots the end of days for the Empire, with it's head, Morvos, The Mad. Which plans to extinguish all non-dragon life from the Material Plane. Look past the Material Plane, it the Blood War. The war between the 7th Pact and Omn'Notall, which bleeds into the our world. Reeking havoc across the plane. Not including the dark invaders of the Realms, and the secret enemy within of the Illithids. The cards are stacked agains the Empire and there is little that stop whats to come.

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