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The Older Sisters Children

Written by SnoopFluffy

Spindlesylphs are a species of medium sized, sentient humanoids with a extremely brittle and slender build. Their offspring is always born in pairs of two identical twins called mirrorbrother/sister. These twins bond for life and are a essential part of spindlesylph culture. As rare as it occurs, a single birth is a huge disgrace for the mother, and thus also her mirrorsister, and a death sentence for the newborn, called adelphophages. All Spindelsylphs follow the same religion, though divided up into several denominations.

Basic Information


Spindelsylphs grow at average to a size of 1,50 meters. Their limbs are quite brittle and underdeveloped, their faces defined by their concise cheekbones and their upper body by visible rips and slender waists. They are susceptible to illnesses and have a life expectancy of 35 years. Myopia and allergies are extremely common. It is rumored that adelphophages abandoned in the forest grow to become colossal ogres.

Genetics and Reproduction

Spindlesylphs reproduce the same way humans do. Pregnancies are really painful and straining on the mothers and her mirrorsisters body. Thus it is important that a woman and her mirrorsister don't get pregnant at the same time, which would likely lead to the death of both of the women. The children are always born in sets of identical twins.

Growth Rate & Stages

Spindlesylphs reach puberty at the age of 21 and are considered fully grown at 26. Most spindlesylphs die before their 35. birthday of old age. Spindlesylphs are required to commit ritual suicide when their mirrorsibling dies, but their are stories of sylphs dying out of grief befor getting the chance of killing themselves.

Ecology and Habitats

Spindlesylphs live in the great birch woods and the surrounding planes. They form small settlements with extensive and remarkable rich farms. They grow large meadow mushrooms and heard giant bugs and milk them for a nutritious secret. They build small huts and try not to cut down much of the forrest.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Spindlesylph diet consists out of purely vegetarian products. It's not like they couldn't process the proteins and they also don't act out of moral consideration it's just nor customary in their culture to hunt or butcher. Their plants and mushrooms are strongly cultured to pack as much nutritiousness as possible and grow as fast and resistant as possible.

Biological Cycle

Spindlesylphs are quite delicate and become slothful in the only one month lasting winter and the two months lasting rainy season.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Groups of clans with each clan living mostly independent.

Facial characteristics

Big pointy cheek bones and big ears

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Only in this worlds equivalent of center europe

Average Intelligence

110-115 IQ

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Spindlesylph sensory capabilities are quite similar to those of humans with slightly worse eyesight and improved 3 dimensional hearing. Their balance and attentiveness are also quite extraordinary.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Clans of 100-500 individuals united in groups of 10-15 clans are governed by a council of clan leaders. A group of priests, 5-10 per clan, is the only religious group spindlesylph society, called the High Order . There are 6 denominations, but the faith is mostly consistent and generally accepted.

Beauty Ideals

Concise cheek bones and big eyes are adored, clearly visible rib cages are a sign of status. Physical strength is insignificant.

Courtship Ideals

Spindlesylphs live in lifelong relationships and mostly marry at the age of 12(9 years before the begin of puberty.

Average Technological Level

Medical and agricultural technologies are strongly developed, all other areas are on a pre-medieval level.

Common Myths and Legends

Single born children are demon possessed and ate their sibling in the womb. They are to be killed after birth or they will become man eating ogres. The One Above created the Spindlesylphs with weak bodies and strong minds to show them a pacifistic and cultured way of living. Creatures with great strength are considered beasts and while feared are also despised for their lack in divine blessing.
35 years
Average Height
1,4-1,55 meters
Average Weight
35 - 42 kg
Average Physique
Slender and brittle
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
pale, slightly greenish

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