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Dwarves are a stout and sturdy race, who have carved out an existence across Ulskandar. Regardless of where they live, Dwarves are fiercely loyal to their clans, almost all of which originated in the area that is now The Union of Mishtoon. Many Dwarves will often refuse to fight, or contribute to the war effort of their adoptive nations if they threaten or declare war on the Union, that is if they don't become actively hostile against the nation they have settled in.

Basic Information


Dwarves are characteristically between 4ft and 5ft in height, and their bodies are generally stocky in build. It is very rare to find a Dwarf who stands above 5ft, but it has been known to occasionally happen. On the whole, Dwarves will share the similar facial characteristics of square, or rectangular shaped faces, deep set eyes and protruding brows. Their noses tend to be on the larger and more bulbous side.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dwarves reach 'legal' maturity around the age of 20, but they are considered to be 'youths' by other Dwarves until they are well into their 50s.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Almost all Dwarves regardless of where they live, will belong to a Clan, which function as extended family and semi-geopolitical units. Each Dwarven Clan will have a home territory, which can range from being the size of a village, small town or even small country; especially the Clans based in the Union of Mishtoon.   Clans are led by the oldest Dwarf, regardless of sex, still alive and living in the Clan's home territory. This Dwarf is given the title of Prif, and will decide on the best course of action for the Clan, advised by a council of other Elder Dwarves.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Dwarves make their homes all over Ulskandar, but their in the continent of Turoza heartland is the Union of Mishtoon, from which all Dwarves on Turoza claim to have originated at one time or another. Representatives from one or the other of Mishtoon's clans can be found claiming citizenship of every other nation in Turoza.

Civilization and Culture

Common Dress Code

Almost all Dwarves wear their hair long, and both male and female Dwarves can frequently be found sporting elaborately plaited hair that has been embellished through the use of precious and semi-precious rings woven in the plaiting.   Male Dwarves almost always sport facial hair of some description, mostly in the form of full beards. This, like Dwarven hair, will often be plaited and involve the inclusion of decorative beard rings.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Dwarves who live outside The Union of Mishtoon are reasonably tolerant of other species, and will happily live in communities with people of other races. They do, however, tend to prefer the company of their own kind, and will often choose to live near other Dwarves in other mixed species settlements if possible.   It is also fairly commonplace for smaller towns and settlements to have been founded and be predominately populated by Dwarves across Turoza. These settlements, will attempt to function almost as independent entities, regardless which nation they are set up in, though the Dwarves of these settlements will still pay taxes and homage to the local ruler.   The Dwarves who reside in the Union of Mishtoon are the most insular of their kind, and are the least welcoming to other species and representatives of other nations.
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