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The Fairy Folk of Hafr

The close proximity of the Fey Vittra people and the Dwarven inhabitants of Hafr mean that numerous tales and phenomenon have been reportedly experienced in the town. These experiences are predominantly thought to have been caused by the Vittra in their attempt to remain undetected by the town’s inhabitants, as they move around the Dwarven houses looking for food and other useful materials to purloin.


The origin of the myth appears to stem from when the Dvärg of Clan Vantar first settled the valley where the town of Hafr now stands. When the first settlers arrived and set up a tented encampment in the area, they began to experience strange, unexplainable occurrences. Many of them report that the guy ropes for their tents were regularly being cut, that small slits and holes began to mysteriously appear in the canvas of their tents, and that sharp stones and twigs would regularly appear each night in the areas where the first settlers were trying to sleep.   These ‘occurrences’ began to get worse as the settlers chose to stay in the area and begin to erect houses and other buildings. Key building supplies and tools began to go missing, including at one point the settlers’ portable forge, which was found one morning half-submerged in the river running through the valley. As the Dvärg began to move further up the valley, in search of good building timber and other resources, they discovered The Hafr Monolith, and this discovery was followed by a huge rise in the number of ‘occurrences’ which began to become more and more viscous. The group that had discovered the Monolith, were particularly plagued, many of them reported the situation becoming so bad that they couldn’t put anything down without it disappearing the moment their backs were turned. They also reported that their vision frequently became blurry and seeing flickering, nebulous shapes constantly moving out of the corner of their eyes. One of these Dvärg was driven mad by the constant barrage of ‘occurrences’ that kept happening to him, and another one died when they decided to go back to the Monolith, that they believed was the source of all their problems, and was inexplicably wracked by convulsing pains that wouldn’t stop and whose origins could not be identified.   Following this death, the then Prif of Clan Vantar, convinced that they had annoyed a malevolent spirit or lesser deity, decided that the community would provide an offering at the edge of the grove surrounding the Monolith, which had been left intact for fear of causing more ‘occurrences’. Every family in the Clan was required to leave 10% of their food stores in a huge pile of offerings, and the Dvärg then retreated for the night and waited. In the morning the offering pile had all but vanished, and for several months, none of the Dvärg experienced any ‘occurrences’ whatsoever. During this time, Hafr town grew rapidly, with the break in unexplained disturbances allowing for uninterrupted building work.   However, ‘occurrences’ soon began to start again, albeit in a fairly low level way. In order to curb a return to the severity of the previous period of ‘occurrences’, the Prif recommended that all households should leave individual offerings to show respect and placate the local deity of the valley, to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of Hafr. To this day, every Dvärg household in Hafr leaves an offering of food and drink for the spirit of the valley. Often these offerings are made in specially designed shrines in the corner of a house’s kitchen, and the Dvärg will generally leave an offering of food made up of whatever the family is eating that night.   ‘Occurrences’ still happen to this day in Hafr, but they are much less severe, and rarely disrupt life in the town.
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