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Sydlig Uplands

Nestled amongst the pine forests in eastern Sydlig Province, the Sydlig Uplands are a highland area that is mostly comprised of rolling tree covered hills, and hidden valleys.   The area is quite removed from the main settlement areas of Sydlig Province, though not cut off. The folk that have chosen to live in the area tend to live in fairly self-sufficient communities, and those living in the other areas of the Province would say that the inhabitants of the Uplands are more reclusive by nature.


For the most part, the Sydlig Uplands is a network of rolling hills that rises above the tree-line of the rest of the Province, and separates the majority of Sydlig Province from the fjord on its far eastern border. The Uplands are themselves covered in pine forest, like the rest of the Province, but the tree cover in the Uplands is much less dense, and the trees themselves tend to be smaller. The highest points of the Uplands are almost treeless, and are battered by winds coming in from the east and the north.   Numerous valleys weave their way in-between the hills of the Uplands, and many of these valleys have small rivers and streams that run through them. As a result, the valleys tend to be more densely covered in vegetation, and the soil itself is more fertile.

Natural Resources

Like all of Sydlig Province, the Uplands have abundant timber resources that are often used by the local population for the creation of charcoal that is then sold on to other parts of the Kingdom for use in Blacksmith workshops and the like.   Farming is possible in the Sydlig Uplands, but the areas that yield the largest returns are the valleys that split and partition the landscape. If one of these valleys can be suitably deforested, then it will reveal soil that is reasonably fertile, though it does tend to need rather careful management to maintain its productivity.
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