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A small town that is situated in one of the many valleys that cut through the Sydlig Uplands. Hafr is the home territory for a small clan of Dwarves, Clan Vantar, that have been resident in the area since before the founding of the Kingdom of Kjörnsholm.


90% of Hafr’s population are made up of Dvärg, the ethnicity of Dwarves that have settled down in Kjörnsholm, and have developed their own, unique sense of identity and culture, separate to their cousins to the south. The rest of the population is comprised of a mix of Halflings and Gnomes. There are no representatives of any species that stands above 5ft in height in Hafr. This is not because they are deliberately excluded from settling in Hafr, but because the whole infrastructure of the settlement has been built with Dwarves in mind. The buildings, including all of the town’s amenities are, therefore, perfectly adaptable for individuals of a similar or smaller height to Dwarves, but a Human or an Elf for instance would struggle. The local tavern is the only building that has been constructed with larger folk in mind, with slightly higher ceilings than most other buildings, and several rooms that larger folk can rent for the night and be reasonably comfortable.


The town is run by the Prif of Clan Vantar, who not only acts as head of the Clan, but also mayor of the settlement. Other elders of the community advise the Prif, and they hold a regular meeting every month to discuss Clan and town affairs. Other members of the community are allowed to attend this meeting, but only to observe and raise issues. Only the Prif and council of elder’s vote on matters at hand, with the Prif having final decision on all affairs.


The town has no defensive infrastructure to speak of. Members of the community do volunteer to act as a town watch of sorts, but this is to reduce the likelihood of petty theft amongst its inhabitants, rather than to act as a proper defence force.


There is a single road that leads to and from Hafr, which winds up the centre of the valley, terminating in the centre of the town. This road leads from the town to the Provincial capital of Fyllarsstad to the west. There are numerous woodland tracks that the inhabitants of Hafr have made to get to the best logging and foraging areas, and one of these tracks leads right up the valley, passing by The Hafr Monolith and continues up deeper into the Sydlig Uplands.   The town itself has several small shops and trading posts, a single tavern, the Old Burner, whose taproom doubles as a community meeting space, and a communal windmill that is used to grind corn produced in the town’s fields.


Hafr sits in the middle of a large valley that was once heavily forested, but is now becoming increasingly denuded of trees. Since the realisation that the blacksmiths and armorers of Kjörnsholm and beyond would pay a good price for charcoal to use in their forges, Hafr has invested heavily in its production, and the town’s surroundings have suffered as a result. The area that has been de-forested has for the most part been turned over for use in arable agriculture.   At the top of the valley is a grove of untouched trees with The Hafr Monolith stood in its centre. The bottom of the valley continues to wind down for many miles away from the town, and eventually emerges and flattens out at the end of the Sydlig Uplands. The bottom of the valley is still heavily forested.   A small river runs through the town, and is spanned by several bridges. The river is slow flowing at almost all times of the year, so can be easily forded if necessary, but the inhabitants of Hafr prefer to use the bridges for the sake of their shoes.
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