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The Hafr Monolith

A large standing stone at located further up the valley to the east of the town of Hafr, the Hafr Monolith has been in existence since before the Dvärg of Hafr arrived to settle in the area. For the Dvärg, the monolith is an object of superstition, with few in the town living near it. Indeed the trees that immediately surround the monolith have been spared the axe and charcoal kiln, as it is rumoured that anyone who attempts to cut down the trees, or cause harm to the monolith will be struck down by bad luck.   The monolith is the centre of the Vittra community that also dwells in and around Hafr, and has deep at its core, a still active Elemental Heart of a Greater Earth Elemental, that is the object of worship by the local Vittra.


The Hafr Monolith is not actually a standing stone, but is instead the long deceased body of a Greater Earth Elemental, that used to dwell in the area of the Sydlig Uplands. According to Vittra history and lore, the Elemental came down to the valley when it felt like it was nearing the end of its life. For several hundred years it lived in and around the valley, as it became less and less mobile and its life energy became weaker and weaker, until one day it sat down and let the last of its life energy slip away. The death of such an enormous creature naturally drew the attention of the Vittra who lived in the valley, and on investigating the corpse, they found the Elemental Heart hidden deep within. The power that emanated from the Elemental’s heart captivated the Vittra, who began to worship it.
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At first, the Hafr Monolith looks like a large, misshapen standing stone, surrounded by a small grove of pine trees. On closer inspection, the Monolith appears to take on the form of a giant humanoid that is seated on the ground, with its knees drawn up to its chest.
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