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Clan Vantar

A Clan of Dvärg who live almost exclusively in and around the area of the Sydlig Uplands, Clan Vantar is considered to be significantly isolated from the rest of the Dwarven clans, even by Dvärg standards. This is not to do with a personal grudge or sleight; it is just the way that the Dvärg of Clan Vantar prefer things.


Clan Vantar follows the standard structure of all Dwarven clans in terms of its structure. At its head is the Prif, the eldest member of the community who makes decisions in conjunction with a council of elders drawn from the rest of the Clan’s community.   Geopolitically, Clan Vantar’s home territory is within the border of the Kingdom of Kjörnsholm, and it is Clan policy to pay homage and fealty to the monarch of Kjörnsholm. This means that the Clan and all of its members pay tax to the Kingdom, and if necessary they can be called up to fight for Queen Evelina. As part of this, Clan Vantar and its home territory comes under the auspices of the Jarl of Sydlig Province, who is based in the Provincial capital of Fyllarsstad located to the west of the Sydlig Uplands.


The Clan’s assets are rather minimal, especially when compared to those of other clans. Territorially, the land that acts as their home base is almost entirely restricted to the town of Hafr, and the valley it is situated in. Economically, this means that the most abundant resource for the Clan to draw upon is the pine-forests of the Uplands around them. Rather than go down the route of producing building materials, or tradable goods made from wood, the Clan has instead decided to focus its efforts into refining the wood around them into charcoal. This is a valuable commodity across the Kingdom of Kjörnsholm and beyond, and it provides a steady income for the Clan and the town of Hafr.


As Clan Vantar live in such an isolated part of Turoza, for better or for worse, they have no formal military system. It is written into the founding tenant of the Clan that all those who belong to it should act in its defence if this is deemed necessary, but this has never been thoroughly tested. Because of the nature of where most of the Clan’s members live, in the Sydlig Uplands, almost all of them will carry some form of weapon for self-defence, but they have never been called to defend collectively anything other than their own lives.
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