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The known citizens of Novogo Kiyeva are your standard human. They do stand out among other groups, but this is mostly due to their tendency to grow larger muscles and be taller than most other humans. Their hair is commonly their most defining feature, growing in a bushy unkempt manner. Few outsiders have seen many Kiyeva as they tend to remain in the city for their entire lives, the quickly growing city providing plenty of work for them.

Basic Information


The humans of Novogo Kiyeva primarly display features from their ancestral Slavs and Europeans. Blonde hair, with eyes varying from a deep hazel to a light green. The citizens tend to be taller than average, and their muscle mass is significantly higher than other areas around them, owing to the constant work in the harbor, shuttling crates and shipping containers between the Rynok Novogo Kiyeva and the port. They tend to grow beards quickly, some managing to get a respectable stubble within 12 hours. Their hair grows in a bushy manner, requiring daily grooming to even maintain an appearance of a well kept man. The woman tend to be better endowed than their neighbors to the far West, their hair growing long, sometimes even down to their ankles if not cut. This unfortunately does mean the Kiyeva attract the attention of human traffickers, although few ever disappear, their muscular and violent nature ensuring their safety even against numbers of those who wish them harm.

Ecology and Habitats

Most of these humans have only ever stepped foot outside their city in order to gather limited food for their meals. Few would survive if the city began to fail in its functions.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Omnivorous creature, eating both plants and animals. The diet of the citizens of Novogo Kiyeva primarily consists of fish and plants which can grow in the rocky soil of Eastern Europe. Mostly farms the food, but some of the herbs can only be found in the wild. Some plants are slightly mutated from radioactivity, mostly to the north, so caution is used when consuming food from this area around the city.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Kiyeva tend to have better eyesight and hearing than those around them. This allows them to work in the noisy ship yards that fuel their city.
Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Slavic, European, Asian Predominantly

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