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The Ka are known to the people of Mir only from vague tales and legends told to them as children. Often viewed as indifferent or passive entities by humanity they are most often depicted as hovering above battlefields depicting the War of Souls on giant stone monolithic walls. In these carvings they are shown as large, humanoid figured that hover just out of reach above the battlefield. Their arms and legs are typically much longer than is typical of the normal human and also draped in black robes. Most interpretations of the imagery agree that they are watchers and not participants in these depictions, but it is unknown why.

In reality, the Ka are very real and very active, although out of sight to ordinary mortals. They can be found hovering in the upper atmosphere of Mir, motionless and waiting. Waiting for the Signalum to sound so they can begin their observations of Mir once again for their master and doombringer Urye the Leviathan. They both relay information to Urye and can help direct the flow and movement of his forces on Mir when the time comes. In this sense, they act as almost like a sort of communication device. They are not known to have any sense of individuality.

Basic Information


Humanoid in nature, but their arms and legs easily extend double the normal length below them. They are very slender and are never seen to move, their heads only changing position when a viewer looks away.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have an extraordinary sense of sight and potentially telepathic abilities, being able to relay information they view on Mir back to Urye and his other minions.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Vigi Abomini
Urye the Leviathan
Average Height
3 meters
Average Weight
90 kg

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