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Describe the most significant technological advancement within this location
160 in total

The articles


The Drill to End All Drills

Drones/Personal Bots

Virtual Covenants



Mana Crystals

The Terminal

Gravity Barges

Zinc Explosives

Pyramid Network

The Study of Magic

Air Travel

Locomagitive Railroad Engine

Aachgnek computers

Quantum Object Detection System

A flame in the cold

Port Cards "Portal Cards"

Nidnushoch Ufuch

Magical Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

Magokinetic Mining Drill

The Printing Press: The Slow Progress of Science

Choke Slings

Venera Defence Matrix

Deserta's Eventual downfall?


The Obsisian Fountain

Spiritious Acid

Adapertio's watch.

Intent Transfer

Torch of the Gods

Heatstones (aka Pyrocite)

Heaven's Wall Engine (H.W.E)

Hirsch Penetration Drive

Describe the most significant technological advancement within this location.

Magical Items and Practical Magic


spring spray

The Core

The Chthonian Engine

Damascus Steel

Phyxic Technologies

Lumber Cutters

S13r and S33r Scope

Transmutation magic

Technology in the Post-Time Era

Hard Light Generator

Mechanical Winepress

Death-O-Mizer 9000


A Brief on the Advancements of Chamber

The 'Breath of The World'

Crusta Comprimens

Nasharian Hammers (Submission Article #5)

War efforts

The Iron Forged Lantern

Purple Candle

The Inner

The Nasli Rocket Engine

Carvel planking

Scrying Orbs

The Thornhaven Wall



Empathic Therapy

[Small Scale] Defensive Array — Introductory Page

Steel Forging

The telescope

Technology of Oakshire


The Audilure

The Trebuchet

Arcane Severance Barrier

The Rynark Breading chamber

The Gun


Akihara's Blazing Flame

Manipulating the Slime of the Ancients

Bachian Crop Rotation

Technology of Nashville and the advancement of the Summer Court

Life infusion

Maxwell Plumme's Firearms


The Wardstone

Kestrel Type 1 & 2 (TF)

Reido in the Daihaha

Technology of the Fourth Era

Laurelmist Lenses


DNA Splicing

Living Crystals

The Combustion Chamber

Gnomischer Drachenodem (Tale Foundry)

Atmospheric Regulator (S16)

Golem Prosthetics

The Norebo musket

Blue Flame

King's Darlings

The Revolver

The Life-Pipes

arcanium tower - heatelesser

Light Funnels

Elemental stones

Dolls, Cloth Automatons


Living Intelligence Framework Enhancement (LiFE)

Rejuvination on the Fleet

Concealing Lenses

Shokyo Kuri Weaponry

Use of Elemental Hearts in Production & Industry

Einstein-Rosen Project

Potions Making

Dragon Class Steamship

Personal Velocity Shields

Fabrication Unit


Crystal Technology

Passenger Spacecraft

The Simple Crane

Iron Smelting

Universal Power Convertor

The ring press

Lenses and Microscope

Life Suits

Factories and Foundries

Planar magic

The Taming of the Untameable Vankas

The Stellar Funnel