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Light Funnels

The most significant technological advancement and the REASON the conflict is taking place now is because of the new invention: The Light Funnel.   The Light Funnel does two things: 1) It can extend to collapse to specific lengths (as decided by the designer) 2) It uses curved glass and prisms to intensify the light from the Light Column   The reason the Light Funnel was invented was to try and save some of the potted crops that were struggling to grow with such little light. The deeper down the colony has gone, the weaker the light from the column has become. Crops that were able to grow hundreds of years ago are now on their last legs. They needed more light to survive.   The Light Funnel can now provide brighter light for those struggling plants and therefore ensure that food supplies in Chains does not drop.   HOWEVER, as the light is intensified the hidden creature (The Light) is able to exert more influence over those drawn to the light. More people become obsessed with the Light Column and go to stare at it when others in the colony are asleep. The Light Funnel is completely necessary to ensure the people do not starve but has also provided the Light with a means of taking control of the population.


It is used to intensify the dim light for the potted crops that need more light to be able to grow. However this then allows the creature The Light more ability to attract humans to it.


It is a combination of metal work and glass blowing, not dissimilar to the ancient technique of extending the Light Column itself.
Access & Availability
Accessible and used to maintain the crops
After its invention the leader shared the design with his team and they are currently building more.
Invented by the current Leader of Chains

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