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The Audilure

The Audilure: a weapon and tool created for the singular purpose of enforcing and maintaining control over the population of Purkal. Damok is the current holder of the technology, and is the only individual with a nearly complete understanding of how to use it; he has jealousy guarded the full design of the machine, with only certain aspects of the audilure being accessible and worked on by teams within his research group. That being said, those researchers within his group who are actively opposing his dreams have begun to suss out the final designs, attempting to both stale his attempts at completing the device, while also building their own in order to release Purkal from the totalitarian leadership it has begun to chaff under


The Audilure was invented to enforce and maintain the absolute control of the people of Purkal. Through the extremely refined and careful manipulation of sound it can manage, the user can influence the Glow attached to one or more individuals in order to alter their moods, effect bodily and mental functions, or even cause death.
Damok is the sole inventor of the machine, and it is currently in development with the aid of his research team.
Access & Availability
The audilure is extreme rare technology: only four currently have any sort of successful function, though many more are being designed and created as the research evolves. Currently, only Damok, his research team, and the handful of resistance fighters with allies amidst the researchers are aware of the technologies existence; even fewer properly fathom its final purpose and/or function.
The audilure is incredibly complex, relying on a series of ever-changing orders received via a panel of buttons, switches, and knobs to modify the sounds volume, tone, frequency, pitch, direction, and all other refined functions. If used improperly, it could result in tortuous effects on all within range: at best, nausea or a mild loss of emotional control; at worst, prolonged and painful death. Safety equipment and a soundproofed space are put specially in place to ensure the safety of the research team, and a fail-safe in the audilure itself ensures that it will shut off if it doesn't receive a new command within ten seconds.
The audilure is the brain-child the ruler of Purkal - Damok - and his crew of elite scientific minds. It was invented following the principle Damok discovered regarding the correlation between the Glows, sound, and the effects on the host body.

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