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Knot Paper

Created by SnailCreature
Knot Paper (derived from the german Not Papier, meaning "Emergency Paper") is a very simple but revolutionary material that can be used to quickly diagnose a disease or illness. Working in a similar fashion to indicator paper, it changes colour based on the properties of a tissue sample applied to it.


To use knot paper, simply expose it to a tissue sample from the patient's affected areas. This could be urine, sweat, blood, faecal matter, or bare skin. Observe the paper to see how it changes colour and note down the most predominant colours. Wait 5 to 10 minutes for best results. Once used, the paper must be disposed of: Repeated use will produce false positives and negatives.


Simply take standard writing paper and soak it in a water solution of specific minerals. The exact minerals and their proportions are a closely guarded secret, although knot paper can be made if you have access to water from an ice pillar from the Crystal Expanse.
Access & Availability
Knot paper is widely available, being included in medical stores and first aid kits the world over. It can also be bought in small quantities from general stores. It is estimated that 99% of households have at least 1 piece of knot paper.
There are no other required components for knot paper, however a diagnosis guide may be required if the user is unfamiliar with the colour code. Alternatively, an analyser may be used to detect colours present in the paper and deliver an automated diagnosis, however they are rare and expensive.
It was discovered by Dr Gregory Dellaware whilst he was in the The Crystal Expanse working on research involving the ice pillars that litter the landscape. Some of the paper he had with him for notes became exposed to a combination of minerals extracted from the pillars. Dellaware discovered that when exposed to the gangrenous flesh of one of his colleagues, the paper changed colour. Returning to his laboratory in Crysan , Dellaware continued research into this phenomenon, discovering the range of colours that the minerals produced, and their corresponding afflictions.

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